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So move it around your baby!

So move it around your baby!

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If your baby is born this fall, you're sure to think about how to move it in the cold winter. For this, we would like to offer practical advice now.

Beginner moms with first children are asked: when to take the baby out and how long? Is it recommended to export at all? What do I give to move it? There are several factors to consider when moving, so let's start at the beginning!

What time is it?

First step to see what the weather outside is like? There is a slight degree of head wind (because the temperature is much cooler then), does the sun set or any rain falls? It is important that you do not believe in the importance of the weather for your father or your baby, but your eyes and skin. It's best to run out of air for a few moments, or if you don't have the chance, just open the window and make sure you get the real weather. It is worth noting that the location of your home can be very deceiving.
If you are in a sunny location, the south side can be very warm in the autumn and winter, when the sun sets and when you go out for a walk, it turns out to be windy, cool. So, after you look at the weather conditions outside, there may be a change. Don't be frightened if it rains or drizzles a bit, you should not miss the aeration or walkbecause if you are in your home all day, your baby will always be much more anxious, and if you are small, you will sleep well in the fresh air.

Baby pants, baby pants ...

It is true that most babies have a hard time tolerating moving, and you need to put on a lot of clothes before you can go to a Juliet Walk. On the other hand, if you move the baby quickly and playfully, you will bear the brunt of the fun. You can also speed up the process with some tricks. Grab the accordion like a accordion and put it on your head first, then do the same with your hands. It is worth starting the quartering and then moving up from the toes. You can play 'trash' in the middle, and then ask 'where is your hand, foot' and then kiss it if you find it. You can do grimaces, run around and laugh, sing, and say.

It is very important besides speed that don't hurryand try to radiate inner peace over your child. To do this, you need to make sure that you get started on time and that you have to prepare all your garments before moving on.
In open air, layering is even more important. By the age of 6 weeks, the newborns are so immature that they need to be given one extra layer each day. The baby should have a long sleeved body, a hooded sweatshirt, a warm overalls or a fur coat, and a hood and forehead cap.
If it is very cold, add some stocking, and definitely a cotton pad or a thicker polar or plush rug underneath the overalls. For toddlers, a stocking and underwear is a thicker pullover. However, it is advantageous to have both the shoes and the overalls wet. Winter period From 4-6 weeks, gradually accustom the baby to the outside air. It is important that we also dress warmly, so do not wake up a quarter of an hour later because we are cold.

When not?

Of course, it is not always necessary to insist on outdoor walking in every circumstance. At minus five degrees, he didn't recommend taking the babies out into the open, even at temperatures below zero, keep up to 1 hour outside. The mild weather is not too favorable for the baby, as viruses and bacilli are more present in the air at this time.
If it rains, don't worry, use the stroller on the stroller! Of course, aeration in the fresh air is really worth it, so if the surroundings allow it, you should not walk along busy roads, but in a quieter, quieter area, and play. Even in a stroller, babies sleeping well are not always needed to be ventilated from home, we can do it on the patio, in the yard, and we can relax or move on with our house.


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