What kind of mother are Pisces? (II. 19 - 20, 20)

What kind of mother are Pisces? (II. 19 - 20, 20)

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If need be, without hesitation, put aside your own desires and interests to favor your loved ones.

What kind of mother are Pisces? - Horoscope

Mother also prone to self-destructive behavior, even though he makes every effort to do everything for his child.
He easily forgives his treachery; and when he causes him annoyance or pain, he often quietly drains his anger. He is extremely responsive, responsive to the tiny little quirks of his child, ready to hurry to help at all times and always alert. However, if you bring this to a halt, you can stifle it from being a pioneer, a costly adaptation.
It is good if you strive for consistency, even if you are in the midst of temporarily competitive resistance. In the long run, however, it serves the child's development if the rules are clear and he / she is aware of what is expected of him / her. Occasionally a very lenient Pisces can show a good example of tolerance, of helpless helplessness, and of the expression of weak love.
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