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Isn't the baby coming? Genetic help!

Isn't the baby coming? Genetic help!

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When it comes to genetics, we can count on a great sensation. Do you remember Dolly, the cloned potty? What do you give to the genetically modified cereals? But it can help us in our daily lives! A simple examination can tell you what your baby is doing!

- Genetics still has a lot of secrets. Rather, I say: we barely know anything, but this little one opens up countless opportunities for us - starts dr. Zsolt Nagy Genetics Specialist, Head of the Big GYN Diagnostics and Research Ltd. - Think of how incredible cell phones have progressed over the last ten years. Genetics is changing faster too. Today, you don't have to submit your material to a foreign laboratory, dozens of genetic tests can be done from a few drops of blood or from a mucous membrane, and the results are in your hands every day. Since it is so simple nowadays, there is no point in waiting for baby tests, infertility tests, and all other attempts fail. Many couples have made the request, after several unsuccessful flask programs: Why have we not known this before? Unfortunately, many doctors who treat infertility are not even aware of possible genetic tests. It is worth looking for both the father and the mother, so that we can deal with that exploration with other professionals. Finding the cause of infertility or miscarriage after a single sample will result in a lot of extra testing, intervention, and treatment for the couple.

Dad on the court

One of the father's sex chromosomes is the Y chromosome. It also carries the genes responsible for the production of hormone cells. If it turns out that this area is depressed, that is, because of this, the number of hormone cells is below 20 million, then it is not worth looking at different vitamins or other miracles. There is no fairy tale: you have to start with this little hymen cell. The flask program, including ICSI, can be used to inject the human embryo directly into the egg. This requires a sperm.
The father also looks for a defect in cystic fibrosis (also known as mucoviscidosis). This is one of the most common communicable diseases, because of the genetic defect, all of the mucus in the body is much dense than usual. Frequent upper respiratory tract inflammation and indigestion due to bile ductility are common, and at the same time the seminal fluid is not optimal for fertilization. In the case of a slight malfunction, there are often no symptoms other than infertility! CFTR screening for cystic fibrosis is performed on both parents, thus avoiding the presence of two asymptomatic carriers. If both parents are concerned, it is worth keeping track of the baby's future from the moment of fertilization. This is done with the help of a flask program. Here, the embryo is checked for the presence of the defective gene before implantation. Because it is mostly 10-12 available, it is possible to implant a healthy embryo only for cystic fibrosis.

The baby will live here!

Not only does the mother give the egg, her body must make sure that the embryo is able to conceive and develop well. It is not uncommon for infertility, serial miscarriage, to have a genetic cause. - Genetic screening for maternal risk of thrombosis. Indication of this is a malfunction, which means that the embryo's stomach structure is very likely to develop blood, and this leads to miscarriage. The mother may not have had thrombosis so far, but pregnancy itself, hormonal preparation for the flask program, and interventions also increase the likelihood of hematopoiesis. Weaned mothers should receive blood from the beginning of pregnancy to prevent thrombosis and abortion.
Our body is uniquely deficient in the vitamins it takes. I may need twice as many vitamins as you do, even though we have a similar physique. Zsolt Nagy elaborates on this in his commentary.
- Most people know about folic acid because of the great need for fetal health. Fewer still, pregnancy plays an important role in the creation and maintenance of pregnancy. We can determine how your examiner's body utilizes folic acid and, accordingly, advise you on how much you should take to make it easier to take.

A sample of incompatibility

Many people think they can't have a baby because the genetic status of their gametes doesn't somehow match their mate. According to the geneticist, this is more a myth than a currency.
- Incompatibilities are not meant to mean that a couple's germ cells "do not mutilate", but they are healthy in their own right, and they can both produce short-term after-effects. Even if there are external genetic defects, all 26,000 genes are so varied that the baby can surely come together. A healthy couple can definitely have a common child! There may be latent defects in the sealant that do not cause a problem in the life of the parent, but they are there. He can't, but he's there and can give. These faults are eliminated by the genetic. And medical science can solve these problems today.

What happens during genetic testing?

First meeting: the doctor will tell the couple what to expect and what not to do with the genetic test. No one can guarantee a blue-eyed, gray-haired baby, but the sex of a baby can only be determined in the case of a sexually transmitted disease. However, I do wish to note some of the causes of infertility.

Dr. Zsolt Nagy

Mintavйtel: with a tool, which for a simple mortal is like a clean-up wand, it completes the inside flapper in a single move. This is just enough to leave a good few cells in the wad and soak in "cotton wool" soaked in special preservative material. If someone insists on bloodshed, you can also choose.
Second meeting: a description of the test result. The doctor explains the results of the genetic finding, then sends the expert's opinion and recommendations to the couple's treating nurse practitioner. Treatment can be more successful with genetic information.