What can you count on after a cup?

What can you count on after a cup?

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The proportion of cesarean section is increasing. Many live with the belief that they have fewer births, complications, and conceivable outcomes when they give birth to a cesarean instead of a vaginal birth. Let's see what can be counted after cesarean section.

What can you count on after a cup?

Cesarean section is a great "hit", in many cases a truly life-saving operation, but it is unnecessary to deny that it is used in many more cases than it would be justified. Many women themselves initiate a doctor to give birth to a baby with cesarean section, fearing the consequences of vaginal birth (especially from the back) and pain. However, they do not szбmolnak that csбszбrmetszйs akбrhogy also nйzzьk abdominal myths, which can affect other organs, also affects the tissues, the abdomen, even if it is performed using the most up-to-date surgical procedure.Afterwards, vйrvesztesйggelAfter surgery, the mother has to lie down, get an infusion, and in many cases, it is harder to care for the baby. This may affect breastfeeding. Although breastfeeding is not an obstacle to successful breastfeeding, the fact that the first 8-12 hours of immobility of the baby is passed away from the baby can cause breastfeeding difficulties. Milk usually starts faster than after vaginal delivery. Because of the pain of the scar and stomach stomach, it is much more difficult to find a comfortable posture that is essential for breastfeeding, elhъzуdhat.A relocating is painful: Scar head, abdominal muscle does not heal (even though it is neither transparent nor cut). It can be painful to cough, to holy, to laugh. Often, mothers report that they do not feel the same way over the incision, йrzйketlen these bodies are full of bodies, tingling sensation. Some people think about it over time, but in other cases, they survive for a lifetime. It is absolutely normбlis jelensйg, mйgis ijesztх can lenni.A mыtйt kцvetkeztйben цsszenцvйsek it may not occur after just cesarean section, but after all abdominal operations there may be so-called abdominal gums. This can go hand in hand with serious, lasting pain. Finding it difficult and treating with another abdominal surgery is often reported as a painful sexual affair, which changes with the good chance of being pregnant, but it is also important for the couple to begin with. Relaxation and gradual exertion have a major role in regeneration. In the next pregnancy, the likelihood of a new cesarean section is much higher, although no evidence of welding is reported. In Hungary, few physicians and institutional protocols support VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean, or vaginal delivery). And after two cesarean sections, it takes a very serious spin and a good amount of luck to find a supportive mother for your vaginal birth. post traumatic stress valуszнnыsйge the szьlйs jelentхs all nх йletйben йrzelmi mental esemйny. Mothers who do not subsequently feel justified in having a cesarean section often report disappointment, sadness, failure, crisis in particular women. And this can affect a lot of things: having another baby, having sex, breastfeeding, having a baby. And, of course, for mother's appreciation, for shorter or longer mental health.
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