Buttercup, louder

Buttercup, louder

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When eating sweet corn, do not throw away the green corn leaves and corn hair! Numerous objects have been made from these wastes by our people, and our little ones will enjoy the silky, rustling leaves.

Keep and dry the dried corn cobs in the sun!
- It's a great target, one end just fits in the kid's grasp.
- Fold the limbs into any kind of stubble, fold them in drot or chenille drum. According to the Neapolitan tradition, he is made of it.
- Lay three three-way dry pans next to each other, drive them up and down through the asparagus, fasten them tightly together. It drinks at the top of the water, suitable for rafts, sailboats.
- As long as the cob is fresh, cut it into sharp circles with fingertips and dry it. Let's make a jar of salt and flour with a little water, flatten it, and squeeze the corncob rings around. If dried, it can become a blossomed, painted flower image.