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Esther's Diary - Week 19Berlin was pregnant pregnant

Esther's Diary - Week 19Berlin was pregnant pregnant

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Giza traveled to London for a month, and the relationship started again, not because of a woman, but for two men. That is why I still like this for my profound, tight-lipped Daniel and diamond-headed Javier.

Photograph: Bbcsi Rуbert Lbszlou

If you are looking for a 007 stock, then there's nothing to think about, another exciting and exciting plaything, something like Challenge Day. The first week of your absence is the hardest, you need to stay single in body and soul and mentally. The best way (if you can) is that we would leave this time and it was a lot of money for me and I still have it. The trip to Berlin, which we received on our birthday, with our body, was now completed, so we and our parents went on a six-day tour. There's nothing better about traveling! There's nothing better about traveling pregnant! We saved by car, where, of course, neither good, nor good, nor sit or lie down for a while, but still not lost, I flew. Berlin's crazy city, with its parents and parents, is just as foolish as it is with friends. We decided every day to go out and eviscerate Venice in Germany every day, but all day walking, sightseeing, museum visits (Pergamon Museum) and more. No matter the high momentum and full power in the morning, after dinner, I somehow didn't look or find the party myself. Berlin has huge views, airy spaces and cool socialism, which I am not curious about, as we have before us at home. Berlin is still big, green, more modern and "warmer", Berliners are just as admirable as foreigners, public transport is useful and useful. Good place, I won't go back.
We stayed home for two days in Prague, I've been here twice before, but after that I was given a completely different sound after the capital. Perhaps the lighter time had beautified me, and I was tempted to go to the good-smelling city with a little alone, no family, and no way. Because I already know exactly where ... good homecoming wandering, a little dense, two bridges, and a spontaneous exhibition opening, I found it very difficult. Meanwhile, three of them guided me, but I had the idea to get a turkey pattern and set myself up for it. I always think I can do more, mentally, but only the water burns there.
Next week, the 20th week ultrasound will arrive, which means that I will finally find out what is going on in me! Daddy will let me know and I'll post the info via SMS about what we managed to create. Probably an angel. And then my story's hero will be an angel, as in Wim Wenders' sequel to Berlin, (1987, Der Himmel über Berlin), whose romance is given not only by an ex-angel, an unforgettable Lieutenant Columbo, but also by Berlin And they appreciate people's frantic, bitter thoughts. When you try to help them, they are envious of the hardships. Because maybe nothing is better than the bad? The protagonist's angel will finally die, as he wished, and why wouldn't we believe in miracles? Damien begins to learn about life, color, her fellow human beings. He is going to fall in love, but he will fall in love anyway. You fall in love with a gorgeous aerial gymnast, just like an angel, halfway between the ground and the sky. For me, the romance of life has never been light or old, and this movie is full of currency and life-like impossible things to watch, but to live.
"Something has happened, and it always happens, which always connects. It has happened and continues even now, in the daytime, and just now. Who, who was? I was afraid, and they were one thing to say once. I am with another man. I am not a mortal child, but an immortal common image ... There is no greater story. Male and female. "