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Gymnastics with the baby

Gymnastics with the baby

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One month after your birth you can surely follow our practice without any problems. As you gain strength, you can increase your dose.

1. Warm-up, stimulates the circulatory system

Put the baby in a handkerchief or kangaroo, face down. Face any piece of furniture and lean on it. Place a small platform under your foot, such as a phonebook, so that your heels will catch the eye. Get up as far as you can, breathe in, hold your toes a little, and descend to your heels in an exhilarating way. You feel your strain tightens, but exercise not only strengthens your lower lumbar muscles but also stimulates your blood circulation. It's a great warm-up exercise, but you can do some refreshing exercises right away.
(Repeat this 8 times in a series)
2. Arm, shoulder, and chest strengthening

Take the baby out of the kangaroo, sit on a narrow chair and lay it on your lower abdomen with your little belly. Keep your back straight, your feet small on the ground. When lifting the baby, lift the baby up to the horizontal level, then lift it up with your breath to a rest and lift it again. Make sure your upper body stays straight, and do not put your arm completely in your stomach, the tension of the muscles just relax, but not completely disappear. If you do an arm flexion after stretching, and do two stretches, then stretch it, you can work your biceps out of the shoulder. (Repeat this 8 times in a series)
Swing in a similar sound to your baby, move your skin horizontally to the right to enjoy flying.
3. Strengthening the upper abdominal muscle
Lie on your back, put your foot on a chair. Put the baby on your stomach and try to put a kiss on your face to keep the shoulder blades in the ground.
(Repeat this 8 times in a series)
4. Strengthening the lower part of the abdominal muscle
Lie down on a soft blanket, bend your knees, your feet on the floor. Put the baby on your lower shoulder, hold it tight. Raise the lower leg so that your thighs are close to the withers. Raise your tiny knuckles, put your knees above your chest, and then lower your breath to the starting position. The weight of the baby rests on your lower shoulder, with your hand only for the sake of safety, but not lifting.
(Repeat this 8 times in a series)
This rocking is a little favorite practice, so speed it up, rather hang it a little bit in the starting position, or move your foot horizontally back and forth.
5. Strengthening of the tibia and thigh muscle
Lie on your right side, lean on your elbows and lift up your outstretched toe and lift. Once you are done with this, you may also have the effect of strengthening your inner thigh muscles. Raise your lower leg by lifting your lower leg. Do the exercises on the other side as well.
(Repeat this 8 times in a series)
Put the baby beside you, hide a slick rubber animal in your hand, and let it roll to the rhythm of your movement.
6. I try strengthening
Put the baby on his back, descend to the top of his head. Take a beak in your right hand. Fold your right arm forward and your left leg back. Arm and foot move at the same time. Keep your limbs in a horizontal position! Tighten up your stomach and your pelvic floor muscles tight as well. Stay in this position for as long as you can, having fun with your baby in the middle of the beak. Breathe evenly and calmly. After descending, continue with an arm swap.
(Repeat 16 times in two series
If you have something interesting on your baby's head, you will try to get it to work out. Sure, give it to him at last!
7. Strengthening of pelvic floor and hip muscles
You look, your head and your feet on the ground, lifting your chin. Put the baby on your stomach and support it. Tighten your buttocks and put your finishing touch in your stomach. Exercise your muscles by stretching and then relaxing your buttocks and doing the same thing with your back muscles. As a result, dilated pathways regain their elasticity and eliminate excess fat on their hips.
(Repeat this 16 times in a series)
8. Loose conducting exercise

Turn on your favorite music and dance with the baby in your arm. Let yourself be in the rhythm, turn it around, rock it a little.
To make it easier for you to follow the exercises, we've created a nice, A4-sized version of the article!
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