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No matter how you feed - wonderful pictures

No matter how you feed - wonderful pictures

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Made of glass, probed or breastfed - no matter how you feed your baby, each method is wonderful! This is proved by the pictures of an American photographer.

Felicia SaundersAmerican photographer posted special portals on Instagram in August, showing three moms as they feed their baby differently.Photo: Felicia Saunders Saunders wanted images that proved that, whether breastfeeding, probing, feeding a baby, there was no difference between the mothers, and every method was perfect in its own right. "I was also inspired by my own experiences, and I struggled with a lot of guilt that I couldn't breastfeed," Saunders said. "But every mother tries her best."
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Post by Felicia Saunders Photography (@feliciasaundersphotography) on Aug 1, 2019 at 4:25 pm (PDT timezone)

"It is a great honor for the moms and all to share their personal experiences with me from all around the world. But you see yourself in the pictures. I wouldn't have thought that these pictures would have such an effect," he said. "Just less people come! We don't know what someone is going through. The most important thing is to be supportive and affectionate to the other."Photo: Felicia Saunders Photo: Felicia Saunders Photo: Felicia Saunders (Via)Also worth reading:
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