The baby can get the BCG vaccine again

The baby can get the BCG vaccine again

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Infants can again receive BCG vaccination against tuberculosis. On Tuesday, delivery of the vaccine to the nursing facilities begins, and vaccination of the infants must begin immediately.

Newborns can get BCG again

The vaccinations are expected to begin in October. Parents will be informed of this by the Government Departments for Nursing and via the Vatican - read in the Bulletin of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer.
There are problems with the BCG vaccine supply, which has caused a worldwide supply problem. BNTSZ has the right kit for dealing with such situations, which means that by July, the vaccines have been given as usual. However, , because BCG vaccination is effective for up to 1 year, the agency said.
The Office of Human Orszбgos Tisztifхorvosi Erхforrбsok Minisztйriuma egйszsйgьgyйrt felelхs бllamtitkбrsбgбval and Kьlgazdasбgi йs Kьlьgyminisztйrium biztonsбgpolitikai йs nemzetkцzi egyьttmыkцdйsйrt egyьttmыkцdve felelхs бllamtitkбrsбgбval looking alternatнv beszerzйsi forrбst, get a bolgбr gyбrtбsъ BCG vakcinбt нgy sikerьlt Canadian kцzremыkцdйssel. The vaccine is not unknown in Hungary, and it was used for vaccination in 2012-2013.
Deliveries of the vaccine may begin on Tuesday, and this week the vaccine will be delivered to all delivery agencies. Hospitals should immediately begin neonatal BCG vaccination.
At the same time, the BNTSZ will start organizing the completion of the missing BCG vaccines.
According to the information, due to the multi-dose formulation of the vaccine, 5-8 children per 1 ampoule need to be protected. Alignment will require the responsible co-operation of the parents, as at least 5 to 8 infants will be present at the time of each vaccination.