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Berre extended support for Tokyo Olympic cycle

Berre extended support for Tokyo Olympic cycle

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He has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Hungarian Olympic Committee for the next Olympic cycle, which will assist the preparation of MOB until 2020, the Tokyo Olympics.

Berre extended support for Tokyo Olympic cycleThe contract was dr. József Béres, president of the Béres Pharmaceuticals Company, and Krisztián Kulcsár, chairman of MOB. The name of Beres intertwines with the Hungarian Olympic Movement, as its rewards have been available for more than two decades to help the Olympians successfully prepare for it. The tokiуi sixth Olympic cycle in which the nemzetkцzi hнrы Hungarian gyуgyszergyбrtу cйg tбmogatбst nyъjt the цtkarikбs jбtйkokra kйszьlх sportolуknak.A bevizsgбlt egйszsйgmegхrzх, betegsйgmegelхzх, regenerбlуdбst elхsegнtх kйszнtmйnyek, the cartilage is important йs muscles szбmбra materials tartalmazу Bйres termйkek йs multivitamins hosszъ time nйpszerыek the Olympic frame members kцrйben."The egйszsйgmegхrzйs piacvezetхjekйnt the egйszsйgvйdelemйrt committed to dolgozу Hungarian vбllalatkйnt erkцlcsi kцtelessйgьnknek йrezzьk the Hungarian Olympic Team tбmogatбsбt йs цrьlьnk to immбr continue to egyьttmыkцdйst is the sixth Olympic cycle. It's important to odafigyeljьnk orszбgunk йrtйkeire, йs tбmogassuk national bьszkesйgeink, the Hungarian sportolуk successful Olympic preparation. " said dr. József Béres, president of the Béres Medicines. He also added: "The branded products for the Olympians are state-of-the-art and are completely safe."


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