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When is Fever Dangerous?

When is Fever Dangerous?

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Our review of the National Institute of Child Health is based on a generous suggestion for a homemade childbirth condition.

A new suggestion has been released for fever suppressant. We've summarized the most important things so you don't be surprised by the usual medical advice. lбz it can also be useful if the body is fighting against the disease. The condition of a frigid child can be worrying, not surprisingly many go to a doctor at this time. Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, the child quickly and seamlessly recovers from this situation. However, it is possible that the soon-to-be-expected improvement will not occur, and in fact, the condition of the child will deteriorate. All these rare complications can be signs of serious illness or infections, so you should consult your doctor! lбz it also comes with increased fluid loss, which is very important to avoid in order to avoid leakage!

When is Fever Dangerous?

If your child's body temperature is high, be sure to pay attention! However, the size or duration of the fever per se is in many cases unsuitable for the severity of the problem. This is especially true for all young babies! Babies less than 6 months old rarely have fever. If you do, it should be taken very seriously as it can be a sign of serious illness!

When is Fever Dangerous?

Infants less than 3 months of age have fever of 38 ° C or higher, and infants of 3-6 months of age have a fever of 39 ° C or higher and generally warrant a medical examination! However, the obligatory and recommended vйdхoltбsok there may be an unwanted increase in fever in the few days following vaccination without severe illness in the background. It is the responsibility of the physician to distinguish this from the serious condition, so in such cases it is essential to consult a physician.

What does a hummer show?

Csecsemхk testhхmйrsйkletйt it can be measured most reliably in the end. Lastly, the values ​​measured by the fever level are 0.5 ° C higher than the values ​​measured in the armpit.Death values: 36-37 ° C normal body temperature
37-38 ° C
38-39 ° C
High temperature 39-40.5 ° C
Very High Temperatures Above 40.5 ° CValid Value: 36.5-37.5 ° C Normal Body Temperature
37.5-38.5 ° C
38.5-39.5 ° C
High temperature 39.5-41 ° C
Above 41 ° C very high heat

If you seek medical attention

When you call a physician with a fevered baby, prepare in advance for a detailed overview of the small general health condition and other symptoms that accompany the fever. Therefore, it is important that you consult with your physician before deciding whether to provide advice or to meet in person or referral to a hospital. Of course, you may also call an ambulance in cases of seriousness.

The exam

The purpose of the examination is for the physician to find out lбz and to exclude the possibility of serious illnesses / infections. You can also initiate other diagnostic tests (blood tests, urine tests, X-rays) and refer you to the baby right away. In rare cases, even with a full examination, the cause of the fever may not be found immediately. The examination will also decide how to proceed. The febrile child will usually heal at home, but may need medical attention even in this case! Also tell your doctor if home care can't be solved! If you are on the phone or with a physician on call, make sure you can keep in touch with whomever you are.Articles related to this topic:
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