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Here are some typical age ranges

Here are some typical age ranges

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We have collected the advantages and disadvantages of typical age ranges for you. Beetle, and then sit back and relax: for you are doing just fine.

Discrepancies Between Brothers: Advantages And Disadvantages

0-2 йv cork

If one is small, the other is tiny, it's unlikely lots of noise and lots of sleepless nights. It is almost certain that the big diaper even when the little one arrives, and even the night can not sleep. But there are also benefits.

That's why:

During a smoke you may be over during the baby, diaper, non-sleep period. All in all, you will be out of work for shorter periods of time, and you can give one of your kids the rest of the job. They play most of the same games and are interested in the same programs from the playroom to the children's pool. Brotherhood is also much less pronounced and most of them have close friendships.

That's why not so much:

Perhaps the most serious drawback is that the little brother arrives when the bigger one needs him 100%. It can be a great help if your grandfather, grandmother or even a babysitter occasionally thinks about taking care of the little one while you are dealing with it. From your point of view, the biggest difficulty is that can be physically demanding to take care of such a small child.+ 1 tip: During your second pregnancy, take an occasional "day off" when your couple or grandparents take care of your baby and you can relax. Ideally, you should travel alone before your baby is born.

2-4 yrs cork

According to experts (and my grandmother) ideal cork for the three years. The first year is literally about the first child, the second is about the mother's physical and psychological replenishment, and the third is about the baby, including the second. And the benefits can go on, but don't worry, it also has its drawbacks.

That's why:

The bigger ones play well alone, they can talk at some level, they can articulate what they need, they can help you with one thing about your brother, and you can (hopefully) get through the first non-sleep period. Takes the big picture as a small picture, who bears that bikini. At first, they may not be able to do much with each other, but by the time they are two, they will start playing with each other, and they may develop close relationships as they would with smaller ages.

That's why not so much:

The larger one is also small when the body is born, so their compensation can be long-term. They both want you, the bigger ones are almost as big as the Newborn, but their needs - especially in the beginning - differ significantly. Spending three hours on the playground and breastfeeding, diapering and rocking as needed: if not impossible, it is a human task. In addition, fraternity can be the strongest at this age.+ 1 tip: From this point of view, the first year is the most difficult. The rivalry of the great ones behaves in a completely unpredictable way. By the time you get used to having a baby lying on your back, you start to crawl and swim. By the time you get used to this, you're starting to come. Therefore, be prepared for the tiny developmental leaps to reappear in fraternity. In this case, let the bigger one temporarily bounce back, if you need to: cum and you can get a pelus if you ask. It won't stay that way, and if the little one has gone for a year, the whiteness will drop significantly.

Cork over 4 years

If the big one is kindergarten when the little one is born, then you can find it relatively easy to deal with each child according to his or her own needs. In addition, the larger one is self-sufficient in many ways: she uses the toilet alone, she eats alone and she dresses. Performing small tasks you can use both of your handsand this is a big benefit. Let's see what's up.

That's why:

A bigger brother helps you and a playmate at the same time. As long as you are in kindergarten (school), you can deal with the little one hundred times, so when you come home, you put your little one's needs back in the day so you can deal with it. Because of this, you can count on relatively mild fraternity, the "smart big brother" rarely starts to rival with a baby-boy. If you go to the institution for the second few years before your second birth, you can go back to work, so your career will be reduced.

That's why not so much:

Children's needs can be very different. They play with other things and want to go to other places and time, some of the baby clothes are probably out of stock, or the car is not up to date. Even for children who are younger than a child for a long time, there is a common children's room, and the situation is different at school. + 1 tip: Although it seems reasonable to involve a large body that is almost permanently handy, you should involve yourself in the activities around the little one, and try to take such occasions. It is only natural to ask for help in April, but do not rely on regular, burdensome child care: remember that it is your brother and not the baby.


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