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Free or forbidden? Sports for nine months

Free or forbidden? Sports for nine months

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We have collected the most common questions of the week about exercise during pregnancy.

Free or forbidden?

Can I play my favorite sports thing stupidly?

Many mothers are overly anxious about their fetus, which is why they refrain from sports. Competitive sports, extreme strain must really be avoided, but the movement is especially good uncomplicated pregnancy. Excitedly, many people feel extremely energetic, especially from the second trimester on. Anyone who has been active in the past needs exercise for the most part in nine months, a busy, athletic lifestyle. the promise, will ease the birth. However, we should be aware that this is not a time for performance sports, and you should be aware of a good amount of exercise that may result in a collapse or a fall. Do not exercise, have symptoms of bleeding, spasm or fever or other signs of illness.

Can I start exercising accidentally?

Those who have not exercised before may not have to start during the baby-breastfeeding period. It is better to go big outdoors, walk instead of bus. If you feel like it, choose a safe, non-strenuous exercise mode, adhere to the principle of graduality and do not force yourself.

Can't Exercise Exercise in the First Trimester?

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is extremely demented, so no effort is recommended. By the 12th week, your trained pregnant mother should walk, swim, or train, but just as much and as fast as she can!

What are the Safe Movements?

The ideal form of exercise is exercise, weight training, and maternal exercise: they do not burden the business, work on the spine, and improve blood circulation. Make sure you have the correct fluid refill, the most suitable is the acid-free book.

What sports can you do with your fitness?

If one is constantly exercising, coached, most of the sporting activity can continue within the bounds of regularity. Running, jogging can be done on rough terrain. Exercise the gym with lower weights, slower, lower intensity! Pay attention to the signs of our bodies, take them seriously! Whatever type of exercise you choose, the most important rule to keep in mind is that your mother should never force herself.

Which sports activities are banned?

During pregnancy you should avoid skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, ice skating, balls, aerobics. Exercise-intensive sports - weightlifting, martial arts, gymnastics - and equally risky sports (weightlifting, skydiving, etc.) at any stage of pregnancy.

Should I exercise in high heat?

During pregnancy, the body is extremely dangerous to overheat. Therefore, exercise should be avoided in hot or high humidity, and in poorly ventilated areas.Related articles in this topic:
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