Baby Etiquette: It's so good to behave next to a baby

Here's a little summary of how to behave in a baby's immediate environment. Send the article link to your family members and friends as well.

Baby Etiquette: It's so good to behave next to a babyYou may know exactly how to behave at a business meeting or how to introduce yourself at a business meeting, but are you aware of what the "basic rules" are when you go to a visit? We have collected the most important information.

1. Wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer.

Did you touch anything on the way there? Do you believe in the power of baci immunization? Well, the thing is, no mom is interested. Immediately upon arrival, go to the closest washroom and wash your hands thoroughly (if not in the vicinity, use a hand sanitizer) before touching the light of the family eye.

2. Leave your child at home!

Does your pet love your babies? Yes, most two loves them. But remember, newborns are fragile, and toddlers can carry a bunch of bitters, especially when they go to a chick or an ovi. If you need to take your baby with you, talk to them about not touching the baby. Don't you want to be the cause of your baby's first cousin (or the mother's first real craze)?

3. Don't criticize!

Isn't your kid? Then you have no right to be included in your education. Whether you are a family member, or a friend, hold yourself back and tell poor moms about your unwavering advice. Take special care with moving, soothing or sleeping your baby. You think what you want, but keep it to yourself. Point.

4. Don't try to guess the gender of your baby!

Babies at this age are very much the same. It's hard to say that this cute little kitty is a Gorbach or Gabrielle, so keep that in mind. (Nobody wants to see your little princess as a little boy or vice versa). Unless there is an unequivocal sign of the baby's gender (for example, from the top to the bottom with the words "Sweet Baby Girl" on the chest), rather just say "Oh, but cute baby!" Template?

5. Capture yourself!

Don't try to catch the little one everywhere. Praise her for being cute and keep your hands to yourself. If you are having a close relative or a friendly baby, you should also ask if it is "free" before deliberately raising the baby out of the baby.

6. Don't be a kid!

Toothed babies love to laugh at everything, but that doesn't mean you have to leave it to your thumb (no, not even if you are shaking hands now!). Instead, ask for a baby from the parents and give it to the little one!

7. Keep the stories alive for yourself!

Just as no pregnant expectant mother would want to hear about the story of your 37-year-old childbirth, none of your newborn babies will want to know how often you were hospitalized for your two-year-old brain. It's normal for a newborn to see your memories in front of you, but you should try to share only the sweets. A cute gift, a nice dinner, or maybe some hot food from the Arctic Restaurant - all super cool when you go to visit, but hear the parents say it.

8. Avoid intimate topics!

The request to "And breastfeed?" just ignore it. This topic belongs 100% to the mother, her exclusive right to decide how to feed her child. When talking about this, you may hear sentences that may violate a baby in an already sensitive state (even if you did not intend to do so). So resist the attempt and ask if you can help anything (article source here)Related articles in Baby Visiting:
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