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Therefore, babies have no freckles

Therefore, babies have no freckles

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Do you ever wonder why little babies don't have freckles? And when do these tiny patches develop?

Therefore, babies have no freckles

What causes freckles in general?

The skin color is called pigment called melanin: darker skins have more in the body, while lighter skins have less of this dye, but With the effect of UV irradiation, all extra melanin production begins. "This extra production ownership is the body's defensive mechanism in response to UV radiation," said Debra M. Langlois, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Michigan. Darker skins are tanned for extra melanin production, while light skins are freckled or faded. Freckles are the most developed on the face, nose, shoulders, chest, since these areas are usually most exposed to sunlight.

Why don't babies get freckled?

For freckles to develop, the skin must be exposed to direct sunlight. Babies are not exposed to sunlight enough for their skin to freckle. The first freckles tend to develop between the ages of 2 and 4 years, but this is usually different for everyone. The little patches it also depends a lot on how much UV radiation someone is exposed to, And even if they pay more attention to light, they can become lame. Freckles are usually brown in color, but they also have reddish, yellowish, black tones, and the spots are very faded.

Need to worry about freckles?

The freckles themselves, wherever they are on the body, are completely harmless. However, enhanced UVs appear due to some exposure, which is can be a warning to parents of children with freckles to pay more attention to fйnyvйdelemre. During the most sunny days, between 10 and 4 hours in the sun, it is worth not staying outside, and a minimum of 30 SPF factor sunbathing is recommended (VIA).Related links: