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Who needs a playhouse? The child or the mother?

Who needs a playhouse? The child or the mother?

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We are surrounded by mini-game kingdoms for mushrooms, giving the impression that our child has no better place to develop and relax. We checked with a specialist to see if it really was.

Adventure hockey, whirlpool empire, slide system, trampoline, bubble tip, jumping platform, mosquito coil, ice hockey, dinghy and many more are waiting for the little ones. It is easy for us to fall into the trap of believing that our child needs this stimulating environment for healthy development, for relaxation, and for exercise. F. Gцnczi Rita we have taken into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of pediatric education, as well as the aspects that should be considered when choosing a playhouse.


- All children he learns through our games. The more games we give and the more we get, the more stimuli we have, the more we experience, says Rita F. Gönczi.

Playhouse: colorful, exciting, stimulating

- For all this, the playground environment offers small, exciting shapes and materials that are small enough to move around the home, and are available in every corner. Forgetting and free play has a positive effect on every baby's cartilage, improves movement coordination, and plays a role in the training of muscles, strength, strength, and willpower. And having more children can help promote social insecurity.Tйvhit However, that this will make our child smarter, smarter, even happier. At first glance, the environment at home and at play, which at first glance seems to be less stimulating, is ample enough for a child to develop healthily in his or her own body. Also, remember that the arachnid process cannot be hastened, in fact, it is very damaging if the stimuli are amplified by cumulating or prolonging each stage. At the age of three, a toddler needs primarily a mother who loves and gives physical and mental security. Inkбbb four years old, from major motorized movement to significant playground, it is worth a visit to the playground. The expert also points out that sleeping or hunting can occur in the child if we frequently visit vibrating spaces with excessive odor and color. Elйgedetlensйget cause, or йrdeklхdйse csцkkenйsйt elvesztйsйt, valу one or jбtйkban tevйkenysйgben elmйlyьlйs йs koncentrбciу gyengьlйsйt eredmйnyezheti.- the йdesanyбk often think that gyermekьk mбsokkal egyьtt jбtszik, while the babies tцbbnyire rohangбlnak egyьtt felьletes kapcsolуdбsban, йs kevйs the igazбn elmйlyьlt, mбsokkal time spent together.

How to Choose a Playhouse?

At first, they all seem to be the same, though they can vary greatly in mood, equipment, services, or programming.

1. Little age and personality

Under one year of age, the baby does not need a playground environment, so his or her own movement is fun. Later you can try the ball bath, miniclip, pumpkins, specially designed baby corner, where you can relax and explore, safely and safely. In the uncertain time of your trip, be careful not to let your exiles get bigger.If our drip is loose or closed, you may want to delay your visit or go to a time when there are few. If you are an explorer, you should keep an eye on what you are doing wherever you go.

2. Looking for a cozy hut or an ubrique adventure park?

If your baby is trying on his first steps, look for a relaxed, cozy playpen or heel. For a larger, indefatigable space movement, there is the big adventure park, the soccer field, the foot-powered tools, the air, the trampoline, the giant slipper systems, or the false wall. Always intervene when heated games get in the middle of a frenzy. This is often a sign of exhaustion caused by so many stimuli.

3. Want developer games and occupations?

Inability and redundancy to buy all developers games at home. Through the playground tools, you can observe what your child likes, what arouses your interest or attracts your attention. We can also conceive of this as a kind of brainstorming, after which we can obtain a couple of very exciting pieces. There are many on-site developer workshops (ringing, English, speech therapy), individual or group work.

4. Do you need a bagel?

In most places, babysitting is only for children over the age of three. If you have something to do or just want to drink a cup of coffee, look for a place where your child spends time in a safe, fun environment.

5. Cleanliness and safety

We bring our baby to a clean environment. It does not matter whether they are disinfecting the toys, the carpets, the condition of the washbasin, the diaper, the nursing heel or the buff. In the winter months, a real bacit book can be a place where many kids turn around. Playhouses are guaranteed to have strict, unique requirements, just think of soft systems that are insulated with soft elastic material. The question is, rather, whether the area of ​​the toddlers and the runners are properly separated, for example, by a garden.

6. Are you going to shut down too?

You choose a place where you enjoy yourself, you can sit comfortably, drink a coffee, browse magazines. There is also a playhouse where moms looking for sports are waiting for a gym.

How much is it?

Passenger prices are difficult to compare because there are minutes where there is a service based on 15, 30 or 60 minutes, and there are places where you can buy a day pass for an unlimited amount of time. Generally, there is a discount for brothers and sisters, and the early days of the week or the pre-dawn hours are cheaper than the crowded evening or winter. On average, capital city locations have to pay one hundred percent more than rural areas. Since this trip is not a small expense for the family, it is important to make the child aware that it is not always possible to go to the playground as well as to jump on the playground.


weekday 900-1300 Ft / ura
haytv 1400-1800 Ft / urn
day ticket from 2500 FtVidйk
weekday 700-1000 Ft / ura
haytv 1100-1500 Ft / urn
day ticket from 1800 Ft

Mom has a good time

- It is natural for a parent to feel exhausted or lonely in their daily parenting - says Tamás Kovacs pszicholуgus. - In the early days, the alignment can be so strong that the mother overrides her own needs and devotes her full time and attention to the baby. Over time, however, the loss of one's own identity is brought back to life, and it is important to allow space for that. By and large, it is acceptable for a mother to seek privacy and solitude when she is relaxing and paying attention to her interests or relationships. so that the mother observes her child in the New Environment. In many cases, mothers are guilty of wondering if they are a good parent and what the environment will be like to try to switch off for a while. However, the baby and their relationship have a good effect when the mom is rested and in harmony with herself.Related articles:
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