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Fine teeth, heavy months

Fine teeth, heavy months

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Gerg is soon to be one year old. It is often frustrating for growing teeth. Ildikou would love to help, but how? Marianna Fodor Children's Crib answers.

I'm home with my eleven-month-old baby boy. I don't ask many about it publicly, but I get very different answers. THE fogzбsrуl I think you have, but it may not be the only problem. I realize that Gergh has very troubled periods, he is cramped during the day, and most of the time he is at ease, but as I put down, he whines. And almost asleep does not want, if I lay it down, it will bounce. He falls asleep in my head, but "as the bottom of the bed", so do you and cling to it.You do not have a dream for a couple of days. Then, as if we were having a bad time, nowadays, things are going well again. Йppensйggel not a little angel, but legalбbb nagyjбbуl kiszбmнthatу, йs egйsz jуl magбt occupy the lбbam kцrьl the kцzelemben. Aztбn ъjra I'm going to grab this, which is confirmed by my baby friends and mom. But I don't know what to do with it. Because he is big enough and he talks a lot, he can relieve the pain himself, kenyйrhйjat, she has a baby, but she doesn't make much. Of course, I lift it, carry it, but I know you still care about it. It dawned on me that I should somehow relieve my pain, because if I had a headache, I would take a medicine as well. Why am I being deprived of it? But in the midst of it, I also formulate the kind of mother who chooses the easy way and stuffs her child with chemicals instead of doing all the other things and accepting that there are more difficult times.
Ьdv: Ildikу

Catching can be painful for the baby

Teeth transition, tooth extraction is a long process that can take up to thirty months for a baby. It can be seen that the appearance time of the teeth can vary within wide limits. At one year of age, the two upper maxillary incisors, followed by the two lower broad incisors. Several weeks before milking of the teeth, discomfort may develop. The tension is tense, which leads to minor complaints: nausea, salivation, impotence, slightly loose stools. Contrary to popular belief, there is no "dental disease", and there is no evidence that tooth decay causes heat rises. If your baby is cold, you should see a doctor! hыthetх rбgуkбval or an analgesic effective local ecsetelхvel. Ip does not lift from the tooth, but has an anesthetic effect. In the end, if your little one is very upset or unable to sleep soundly at night, you can take an oral pain-relieving drop or syrup once in a while. calm, well-balanced and uninhibited mother.
Yours sincerely, Marianna Fodor Children's Crib
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