What's the baby going to do?

What's the baby going to do?

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At night, the little one wakes up? Maybe they are. What are the signs and how can you help him?

Toothache can be victorious

There may be several reasons why a baby wakes up in his or her womb, such as when he or she is having a baby - or just when they are. If you experience the following signs, then the latter is almost certainly the problem: red, light; flushed face; nyбladzбs; frequent biting or biting; ingerlйkenysйg; unpleasant sensations during breastfeeding.The symptoms of toothache often worsen when the tooth, the canine teeth, begin to fade. This happens between the 12th and the 15th of the month. These teeth are larger than the others, so they are usually more painful for the child. Who. The toddler's canines appear 20-24 months ago and typically do not cause much trouble. Fangs that come out in 15-36 months, but they they often cause sleepless, painful nights.

What can I do to get the baby to sleep better during the period of racking?

Bar is not always simple, but because of the toothache should not deviate from the usual evening routine, insist as much as possible. If you change the rules temporarily, it will be very difficult for you to get back to your old bicycle afterwards. Otherwise, stroke it, calm it with your words.If these are not helpful, try the following: massage your finger with a clean finger; give him a sip of cold water; In many cases, breastfeeding can relieve toothache, and babies usually suckle more during the stronger stages of the toothache. The use of the radish or the light massaging "mace" can help, but the violet root can also help many puppies to measure the gravity.Also read these articles in the dental topic:
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