Help in the first few weeks

Help in the first few weeks

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Vйgre! Born here, beside a spit, we smell the scent, watch every move. Most of all, we wouldn't care about anything else. However, during childhood weeks, many things happen to us and we have to deal with them.

The first couple of weeks, however, is a little bit difficult

After the big family - after birth

It's worth sitting down for a while and thinking about what we really need. Do you want to spend the first few days with your couple and your child to tune in and get used to each other? Relatives and acquaintances will understand if we ask for a couple of weeks of progress.
Or would it be better for the visitors to give each other a handle? It's a good idea to help them now, not come to fruition. For example, we can rely on making money, and if you don't have someone who does it for you, you can wait for some time. Comfortable solution, just warm up. You can also arrange for your friends and relatives to bring you regular "comma".
Yours Advice: It is very important for the helpers to actually provide help. A gyermekбgyas lakбsban nothing szьksйg of relatives, barбtnхkre who do not elйgнtik the mother igйnyeit, but sajбt hasznбljбk up nagyszerыsйgьk bizonyнtбsбra this pompбs occasion: бtveszik the irбnyнtбst, erode the mother цnbizalmбt or inconsiderate pletykбkkal, subject to the amъgy uncertain szьlхket rйmtцrtйnetekkel. It is not a small job to keep such talents in check - this task is largely for the father.

All day with the baby

Taking care of your baby gives you a full day's activity. If you take into account the baby's desires, it will be easier for you to get along. The baby has a special inner order, which at first only feeds and sleeps. All the parents do with it: diaper, bathe, bathe, take it for a walk. The little one watches and immediately "gushes", and you get loud when you don't like something. It is not worth sticking to our previous ideas, it is better to listen to the little one. If you do not expect to get rid of hunger, you may be diapered before breastfeeding. Some put her first on her breast, after a pelus. This is rarely seen in children who have failed or are willing to breastfeed.
If that is what family peace is all about, you can safely diaper your baby regardless of your breastfeeding - let's just keep it in mind. The bathing time can be adjusted to your small needs, and even if you are very protesting, you may even lose the full wash in the first few hours. It is enough to re-curve your curves, and even in the evening, in the coolest period.
Diapering and bathing are not necessarily for the mother if the mother is still weak, tired after childbirth, or may be sick. In this case, baby care can be changed by the father or a more experienced friend - the little one won't hurt. Breastfeeding alone is the only thing you need to take into consideration. Most babies also like to eat at night. The simplest thing is if you fall into bed with you, so they will not wake up very much, nor will you, and breastfeeding will be much simpler. And how much better to wake up the next day!
Good Tip: Don't worry that our agenda is going to get in the way of the baby. The babies and their habits change very quickly. From day to day, the number of meals, the frequency and length of sleep, and the movement of the baby are changing, creating new and newer situations. Meanwhile, we parents will become more confident and sophisticated - and together we will find the specific, family-friendly system that works best for us.

The tummy disappears after childbirth

The first and most striking changes in the body after birth are in the body. We have only a big congestion on our heavily embossed tummy. It takes patience to put the old order back in place, as it has been a long time since our baby's body has been transformed. We cannot claim to be just like nine months ago now. Our bodies know the thing, trust us!
A good part of the rearrangement is the rash. Pain in coughs is hardly felt at first birth, but later on, it is more pronounced, especially during breastfeeding. The nasal stream is also more pronounced overburden in women. Initially, the bright red vaginal stream will be brownish pink four to five days after birth, and its volume will be significantly reduced. A few very small children will disappear by the end of the second week, but usually last for three weeks.
Good tip: We ask you for one-time use panties from the drugstores you visit. They ventilate and cover the large letters needed in such cases. Instead of using traditional inserts, you will need an incontinence pad, and you will need it during the first few days. It is not advisable to start abdominal exercises too early. They are a burden on the already-gothic mothers who have already been born. Whoever can strengthen his ghisms, start with the one who does not learn! Intimate gymnastics benefit us at all ages. The best way to regain our shape is through diligent breastfeeding, which is an extremely energy-intensive job for the body. You got it figured out!

After sectioning

The dam and the surrounding area were also swollen in the first days, if we experienced a period of occlusion and possibly pain. Get your pockets out and face the currency - it won't be as terrible as we think!
Your advice:
The icy compress immediately relieves the pain. Keeping the affected area clean is extremely important, best with a gentle shower, preferably with an acidic cleansing agent. Use a hairdryer instead of a turkey.
Bibba tip:
The painful pain should get as much attention and attention as you demand. You don't have to think about it, if it is uncomfortable, you should rather buy a ring-shaped pad or tube. But the best is lying down. This helps to rebuild the belts, relieves the barrier and the spine. Lavender essential oil is very pleasant, which heals and disinfects. We can use the home remedies that have already been bought for other bites: caraway cream, peppermint oil.

Spirit slut

We come home with our baby from the hospital, go around in the pre-dressed nursery, and suddenly we feel like our little baby in the outside world: Our child is born and our family is born. We need to learn to live together. There are some who are excited and feel like they would like to carry mountains on their shoulders, while others are frightened by the task and the burden of responsibility, and we cannot imagine how to go on.
Sensory fluctuations during pregnancy may become more severe after birth. In addition to exogenous, environmental, and physical changes, hormones have also profoundly disturbed the newborn's mental balance: the pain-relieving and excreted substances selected during childbirth are great. However, the deplorable mood disappears in a few days.
But if someone has been depressed for a long time, postpartum depression can be in the mood for unwanted birth. Illness, anxiety, and a lack of confidence make the mother incapable of living and controlling her life. This is a state you can't get out of without help.
Your advice:
There is a need for the loving support of family and friends, and the cooperation of a professional. It is important for the mother to live in the environment: she does not believe it or ask for willpower to rise above her financial status. Even a little baby was not fine when he was urged, "Fuck yourself up!" In some cases, you may need an anti-anxiety or anti-depression medication. Most of them do not stop breastfeeding.
The tips were given by Kirby Bogie.