Single parents - The worst is the lone

Single parents - The worst is the lone

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Another day is over, there is a faint whispering from the nursery, you enter under the blanket and whisper a bleak good night in the dark. There is no answer, just as there is no inquiry, no encouragement. This is the lone, the lone of the lone parents.

Single parents - The worst thing is the loneMore than a year ago, I talked to single parenting children about an article, and since I shunned how dirty it was to raise a single child, I couldn't help but notice how lonely they were. The longest interview of my life was at that time, we talked to more than three Urdu dads who honestly admitted to me that in the whole situation, no one to share your thoughts with. Do you seem to have a problem with Bagatell? It is not at all. A recent Parent's Club Foundation research also found that single parents are the most guilty of loneliness when it comes to being alone. you can't go anywhere you want, he says Great Anna, chairman of the United Parents Club Foundation and chairman of the Single Center. - I remember when I was home with my little son, it just happened that I just took out the garbage to spend 3-4 minutes on the street between people. We all live this feeling, but while in a double family, there is an excuse that in the evening, when the other one comes home, he'll have time to give the baby a little time, . You can't share your benefits with anyonenor do you hear the events of the "outside" world, the sense of isolation and the very nature of closeness are slowly diminishing, which makes one truly terrible alone.

The Single Center supports single parent parents on several occasions. Building a single-minded, where loneliness is not a stigma, it offers free psychological and legal counseling and various programs to help you deal with the challenges of your life.

You're a loner

There is a South American Indian stock exchange where bailing is the biggest punishment possible. If a member of the stock commits some committed sin, it is counted as the center of the primeval forest and it is easy to survive alone. In this way, elderly people who are lonely are lonely to die of loneliness, not because of illness or infirmity, but because of the lack of social relationships. By accident, I didn't want to draw a parallel between punishment and oneness, and with the story, I just wanted to draw attention to how devastating and cruel the character is. Parents who are single parents often fall out of the social relationships that they have meant to the world at one moment or another. Relatives are narrowed down after a wish, but it is not uncommon for friendships to break even. - Many people often have nothing to do with the situation. In the company to which the couple belonged, in many cases, there is a kind of loyalty conflict because friends can't decide which member of the couple to join, so they usually break up with them - says Anna. These parents struggle with a constant lack of time, but not only does time stop new friends from forming. - I'm here 36 years old, single mother with two kids and I have no social life. My friends have disappeared from my life. They have moved or are simply in a different life situation than we are and there is nothing else to talk about. I visit my parents occasionally, but I don't have much contact with them either. Extremely, I feel lonely, struggling with depression, and the fact that there is no one who would occasionally beat me up to do my job does not help. I tried to open it up to other moms, but they do. I am a ghost, often like not being there - says Ruzha in one of the forums where single parenting mothers share their experiences.

Хsellensйg? No, she's raising her alone

On the forums, single parent women report that parents living in a couple are bothered. I admit, until I got into the subject, I couldn't even imagine what that could be. - For a single, lonely mother, most women often look at potential sources of danger. Because she's alone, she's into a new environment where she can find herself, says Anna Nagy. On the one hand, women's concerns can be understood, and on the other hand, this type of exclusion is also cruel. - I tried to make friends at the school my kids were going to. Some of them were friendly with me at first, but thankfully we didn't get along with either. This is the lesser bad, the more inconvenient not to invite my children to their schoolmates. Parents also deprive my children of friends, just to avoid contacting me. Many times I asked why we should do it, insisted it was anything and everything was done. I realized that dads were friendlier, but their bosses wouldn't let me talk, they were frightened of me. They don't even know me. I feel insecure and hate that my children are suffering because of this - he tells me Kata, another woman in the furry.

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In Hungary today almost There are 350,000 single-parent families, and more than half a million children are affected by this problem. Bar so far was the parents, their loneliness, their unhappiness it also affects the mental state of children, that's why it's important that they get help. - People's deficits can only be overcome with people. says Anna. - Only a welcoming community can help the private, where a single parent does not feel out of line. But it's also important to be aware that loneliness is not for the elderly, it's just a life situation that changes over time. You should no longer treat tragedy because it is not. Being a parent is a miracle under any circumstances, and that is what gives power in these difficult moments. The article appeared in Maternity Magazine. You can subscribe here. Related articles in a unique topic:
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