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Allergy: This is the grasshopper season

The pollen filter in the country is expected to begin and the concentration of pollen can begin to exceed the levels causing the symptoms, the official said on the Facbook.

According to the public, pollen from the grasshoppers is one of the most significant allergens, and in May and June it is a significant determinant of pollen exposure.Allergy: This is the grasshopper season The National Nйpegйszsйgьgyi Kцzpont suggests that the kйszьljenek йrzйkenyek idejйben up йs mielхbb keressйk up kezelхorvosukat - нrtбk, hozzбtйve the tьnetek erхssйge megfelelх odafigyelйssel mйrsйkelhetх.Megjegyeztйk tovбbbб that regular fыnyнrбssal csцkkenthetх the pбzsitfыfйlйk pollenkoncentrбciуja.
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