Do you need a tetanus?

Do you need a tetanus?

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Unexpected killing, accidents can always happen. What can you do to prevent it from happening? Should you receive a vaccine as an example?

The doctor wound with a broken wound

In toddlers and young children, rains, bruises, and more or less severe cracks are common. It may also be unfortunate that it wounds so much that the wound is filled with dust or other dirt. Does your baby need mandatory vaccinations at two, three, four, then eighteen months old, and contains tetanus vaccine? he enjoys the protection of six and a half years a dangerous, sometimes fatal disease caused by the toxin of tetanus bacterium, against tetanus. Know that it is recommended that you first show your injuries to your doctor if specialized, wrecked zebras there is sou that is a centimeter deeper and got dirty. Bruises caused by a sharp tool (or fiberglass, a shell, a tin can) are less dangerous, less easily accessible, especially if the small bruise affects the emergency room.Specialist: Dr. Etelka Korausz pediatrician