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How many weeks does your baby's gender occur?

There was a time, not too old, when we had to wait until the baby was born to find out what gender our child was. Nowadays, this is not so for anyone who wants to know that they are pregnant at a relatively early stage of their pregnancy.

One has 46 chromosomes, of which 22 are pairs. it is somatic and consists of two sex chromosomes. Whether or not a baby is born is determined by the two sex chromosomes, which are called X and Y, respectively. The egg always carries an X, while the sperm carries either X or Y sex chromosomes. If a female sperm has a fertile sperm with an X chromosome, she will have a baby (XX), whereas if Y carries a sex chromosome, she will have a son (XY).How many weeks does your baby's gender occur? It was not quite known until the time of birth that our son or son was born, but it is now relatively early to know the sex of the parents of the future child. . If the situation is still not clear enough, then the fetus has a very high value for ultrasound at 16 weeks. If the baby line is casting a shadow or the baby is hiding (understand: he is in such a position that he is incapable of telling the sex with 100 percent certainty), then by the 20th week, almost every child will know something. a non-invasive genetic test can be used to predict the sex of the baby, so they can find out that a baby or baby is pregnant at 100 weeks of pregnancy: the DNA of the fetus, so if there is a Y chromosome in the mother's blood, it will give birth to a baby, otherwise baby. From the age of 8, you can apply a blood test that works similarly to a blood glucose test, giving you a drop of blood.Related articles about Baby Gender:
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