You can also use pinata at gender partinGender reveal tips

There was a time when the baby's sex did not light up until the moment of birth. Today, this is not the same as changing how to report the big news. We are adding another idea to the non-disclosure party, which is becoming increasingly popular in the country.

Little boy or girl? - the most frequently asked question when meeting a baby couple. Today, in pregnancy, anyone who wants to know the sex of the baby. However, it does not stop the process, somehow the world must be made aware of the hell. This has become a gender reveal party, even though we are of English origin and, of course, more and more popular. Its essence is that parents, in some funny, creative, crazy form, spend their sex with friends and relatives. Mostly they play with colors: blue dominates when they are boy and pink when they are baby.You can also use pinata at the non-revealing party Unless elsewhere, many American players know pinata (pronounced pinina), this is a game where an irritated papery figure has to be made with the eyes closed, with the help of a stick, and inside. Papermaking can be purchased at party supplies stores, but it is not too difficult to supply it at home. Literally, the color symbolized by the baby's gender was filled with the idea. The couple (or somebody in the realm) needs to color the figure in order to reveal the gender of the baby to everyone.

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  • Tell me in the text that you're going to be a boy or a girl!
  • Little boy or girl? The balloons are crazy!
  • Gender reveal video, or the sex of the baby is thrillingly missed