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Examine the cancerous swing dusts again

Examine the cancerous swing dusts again

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An investigation was initiated into a swing dust from Johnson & Johnson.

Let's Rehearse the Swollen Swine Dusts To find out if Johnson & Johnson really lied to one of their swollen swabs about the possible carcinogenic effects, an investigation by the United States Department of Justice, said.

The presence of the cancerous substance has been concealed

The company has been fined billions of billions, after they failed to know they had been arriving since 1970, the products were dangerous and they were dimming. In a previous article, Reuters revealed that Johnson & Johnson had periodically detected asbestos in their products that the company knew. The carcinogen was detected in tests as early as the 70s, but neither the authorities nor the public indicated this.

We have 14,000 people defending the title

The company documents are reviewed by a defense board in Washington, DC, to find out what the company officials were aware of about the potential carcinogens in their products. The February citation said the company said no developments had occurred, and that they had cooperated with the authorities on everything. 14,000 Plaintiffs Defend Johnson & Johnson that their different swing trucks - many of which have been designed for babies - have caused cancer.Contact us: