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Still not healthy?

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Tests have shown that a previous diarrhea in Germany was caused by infectious tuberculosis intended for human consumption. Do you think we better not eat something like that?

Not healthy yet? Photo: Rbtka Йva

Nutritionists are advised not to accidentally consume germinated seeds and fresh shoots: is especially rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, which are still delicate, sometimes quite piquant, sometimes mild, slightly tangy and crunchy. More and vбsбroljбk tцbben the hypermarkets hыtхpultjaiban sorakozу, not at all olcsу boxes to feldobjбk with sandwiches or salбtбt.A nйmetorszбgi jбrvбnyьgyi experts, however, бllнtjбk to elхбllнtott the nagyьzemi mennyisйgben, aztбn wrapped, йs hыtve szбllнtott and on your local, vйgьl many days Later consumed cinnamon is one of the most middle-class foods, so we recommend that you consume at most certain reservations.

What's wrong with the horns?

A law claiming 50 fatalities in Germany (including a two-year-old child) was not the first case of serious illness caused by cancer. In Japan, diarrhea caused by a radionuclide similar to that of a few years earlier, caused 16,000 patients.
During the germination, the germs are grown in humid conditions at 37-38 degrees Celsius, that is to say, under conditions that are well suited to bacterial growth. The longer the germs are stored, the more bacteria will be detected in the test sample. This is not necessarily due to the defect of the plant, since the seed is not sterile, it may be contaminated with germs. The kьlцnцsen ellenбllу baktйriumtцrzsek felbukkanбsa (such pйldбul the nйmet jбrvбnyt okozу EHEC), talбn йppen wherein fьgg цssze that these lйtesнtmйnyekben fordнtanak kьlцnцs problem in fertхtlenнtйsre, tisztasбgra, thereby hosszъ tбvon йppen the fertхtlenнtхszereknek, antibiotics ellenбllу baktйriumok felbukkanбsбt йs szaporodбst mozdнtjбk elх.
Unfortunately, we have seen more and more examples in similar houses in similar houses. No matter, bacteria are much older than humans, and their defensive, adaptive mechanisms are sophisticated.

Just roasted, cooked?

The Robert Koch Institute in Germany has just recommended the consumption of up-cooked, ie cooked, cooked chickpeas. But what is the point of this? You cannot enjoy either the delicious taste or the vitamin content because the amount of valuable ingredients is greatly reduced by heat.
As a simple solution, it seems worthwhile to eat home-grown custard until such time as there is a smarter solution to this problem. It is avoided with the shortest waiting time, most recently on the shed, and since there is only a small amount of home and occasional germination, it is unlikely that dangerous bacteria will multiply on the mini. However, as a precaution, you may decide not to get close to the ring for the time being. All the more so because in one case, a home-germinated nucleus caused family members to become ill, according to data from the said German law. The Food Safety Authority therefore warns that human contamination can occur even under the cleanest, most careful conditions of germination due to the contamination of the seeds.
In the summer and in the fall, you can do the same without giving up fasting, as we are looking for fresh seasonal foods that are just as rich in nutrients as they are.
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