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What your breasts do beautifully and you can't control

What your breasts do beautifully and you can't control

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We live and change! You don't even think how much you can do to make yourself look beautiful. Because this is the most important aspect, not small or big, tight or soft.

That's how you can protect your breast

- Avoid fast weight loss! Fasting does not allow you to train your fat, so you also prevent it from returning to your breast, thus leaving the "empty bag" effect.

Chest: There is something you can influence, some you can't

- The most dramatic size change occurs after birth. The way in which lactation is performed can be influenced by the early onset and frequency of breastfeeding. If you have a lot of breasts from the start, there is a high degree of likelihood of a croissant-like state, because the process plays out more and more, almost unnoticed.
Frequent breastfeeding, ie avoiding breast filling you can block the appearance of the skin And the striapts. Many people may not even realize that when the baby enters the weaning bed at night, six to eight hours will pass without breastfeeding, just when it is necessary to breastfeed very often because of milk intake. If you are still pre-natal, you should choose a hospital with 24 ounces of room for breastfeeding at night.
- Infusion fluids during labor and infertility during the postnatal period increase the risk and the risk of lymphatic drainage in the breasts. Unfortunately, even more frequent breast placement does not help, just by consuming the necessary amount of fluid by mouth, so it only costs as much as normal in the blood vessels. Discuss with your doctor if you have the opportunity to do so in your case.
- Don't stop breastfeeding suddenly! Gradual separation can take years from the second half of the baby's life. Нgy glandular degeneration occurs slowly, gradually, and, in the same way, it restores the fat and connective tissue that gives the weight of the breast almost imperceptibly. However, it may be necessary to wait for years after stopping breastfeeding altogether.
- Eat healthily and vitaminically, exercise at least a little every day. This gives you a positive influence on the state of your skin and your condition. Contrary to popular belief, however with chest exercises you can't make your breasts firmer or bigger, because the pectoral muscle is located below the breast.
- Pay attention to your posture! If you do not curl forward, less will seem more.

What you can't control

- Lean body, tall women may miss out on regaining fat in the breast. Anyone who cannot believe because they are such a creature will also find it difficult to breastfeed, or under the belt, or never to "fill up" to the previous level. If you eat a lot, even though you are very weak, it is worth making sure that there is no thyroid gland in the abdomen.
- For those who are already very lumpy, losing their lips and licking the skin may result in tight breasts. The push-up bra can improve a lot.
- Natural Changes: The effect of choosing a mother will eventually change the shape of the breast and make it softer.
- Aging: As the age progresses, our breasts, regardless of breastfeeding and childbirth, become slimmer, flatter and softer.
If you are thinking of plastic surgery, read our article on Breast Plastic. And if you are interested, why has your breast changed the way you find interesting information on this site.
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