What can adolescence warn you to do?

What can adolescence warn you to do?

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Congenital adolescence may also be a sign of congenital heart problems.

What can adolescence warn you to do?

In children, the number of cases of syncope is increasing, especially among adolescents, who have sudden growth among selected causes, he says. Dr. Péter Krivácsy the semmelweis. en-n.According to the chief physician of Semmelweis University's Department of Pediatric Medicine No. 1, there is no need to be scared, but it is important to look at the bad backgroundbecause even congenital heart problems can be a sign of syndrome or circulatory failure. One in four suddenly heartburning young people is later found to have a sick-like feeling between passions. Between the ages of 14 and 18 are commonthat first the world is lost, they lose their consciousness. Most of the time, young people recover spontaneously, or they can be taken in enough shade and lying down to be better. However, if there is no change after half a minute, or if you have a flare-up, you should definitely call for an ambulance - advises the chief physician, for example, to have a more thorough examination. ECG - Also Needs to Clear the Causes. Crazy, Lossy most cases are completely harmless, especially in the summer, it is in high fidelity that adolescents collapse, says Dr. Peter Krivabcsy, mentioning, for example, the maladies that are common in the circles. Even if your condition improves quickly and spontaneously, you should go to your home doctor first. Mostly, the exam concludes, and it simply exacerbates the young person's livelihood. napon.Sokan szйdьlйsrхl, bizonytalansбgйrzйsrхl, lбtбszavarrуl, gyengesйgйrzйsrхl szбmolnak in the kцzvetlenьl бjulбs elхzmйnyekйnt if they are experiencing, mindenkйppen hъzуdjunk бrnyйkba, ьljьnk down йs jelezzьk someone kцrnyezetьnkben that we are wrong - suggests the fхorvos.
- Congenital and acquired heart disease
- Childhood heart disease


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