Kangafit FitnessMove Your Baby!

Kangafit FitnessMove Your Baby!

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Get the baby to melt the roaches! Tandem gymnastics also have a dual effect: once you get fit, your baby will enjoy rocking.

If your baby is exercising with you, don't ask for baby care. With the kangaroo gym you will find a solution for the cramped umbrella: put it in a little carry-on or kangaroo, start exercising and you will both feel better. The method Nicole Pascher developed by a mother of three and a fitness trainer, named after Kangaroo, the Micimackу kangaroo.
1. Baby start
Do it: Launch locally and then raise your foot higher up next to the kangaroo, your lower leg is addictive. Put your shoulder on top of your spine, lower your shoulder and lay it on your back. So fly them all to the side for fifteen and then relax without any distractions. Make three series of wake-up variants combined with rest. The harder ones can trigger the circulatory system by lowering your arms near your thighs by lifting your feet back to the ground, lifting your head up.
This effect: It stimulates the blood circulation, moves the limbs, warms the muscles, enhances the heart and lung function.

2. Combhinta
To do this: Wear a supple posture, the toe looking slightly outward. Lower your hips so that your knee is above your foot. Put your shoulder over your spine, lower your shoulders and rest on your back, keep your upper body straight, and tighten your muscles. The swing can start and lower: lift one of your heels, keep your toes on the ground, lower your hips until your thighs are almost level, then rise back, but don't cut your knee. Repeat each side ten times, and then repeat the series twice after resting locally. If you are just starting your training, kick back and forth with closed hoops and increase your training with your training. The wider the pubis, the stronger the thigh muscles work. Maintain a horizontal thigh position for 5 seconds.
This effect: Strengthens the muscles of the hips, thighs and legs.
3. Excessive
Here's how: Get involved, keep both of your foreheads forward, put your knees above your back, lift up your back. Fold in your belly, keep your upper body straight, lower your shoulders. Spring up and down: do not stretch your knee completely upwards, lower your first thigh close to the horizontal when lowering, lower your back thigh vertically, but do not fully lower your knee to the ground. You can increase the effect by keeping the posture slightly up and down. Repeat the exercise fifteen times each, and make a series on the spot after traveling. If it gets wet, do small springs in the low position.
This effect: Shapes the muscles of the buttocks and the toes, and improves balance.
4. Replication
Here's how: Lie on your back, lift your legs with your knees closed, your knees above your hips, your lower lip flat. Lay the baby on your lower leg, hold it by the hand. Fold in your message, put your knee over your head, hold your shoulders horizontally, and refresh your feet to the starting position. You can increase the effect by lifting your head and keeping it in position for a few seconds.
This effect: Strengthens the stomach. You should only start this exercise if the straight abdominal muscles that you have lost during pregnancy have already closed.
5. Horseback
Here's how: Lie on your back, put your foot close to your bottom, close your foot. Put the baby on your stomach, grab your waist with your hand. Raise your pelvis so that your body is completely aligned with your body and then descend. Take fifteen times from practice. If you are already trained, keep one leg lifted while lifting, do not tilt the pool to the side. Replace your toe after fifteen lifts. You can also increase the effect by keeping yourself slightly above the ground when descending. On the end, hold the raised position for 15 seconds.
This effect: It strengthens the muscles of the lower part of your back, the muscles of your lower back and shapes the buttocks.
To make it easier for you to follow the exercises, we have also produced a nice, A4-sized version of the article!