Bend: They reach their necks until the vaccine is given

Bend: They reach their necks until the vaccine is given

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With one abstention, the Romanian Senate voted almost unanimously on a draft law in the middle of a serious turn in Romanian society.

Bend: They reach their necks until the vaccine is given

The Senators approved a draft law approved by the Bucharest government in August, without any major changes, the first version of which was issued by the health ministry in April. According to the original plans in 2018 tцrvйny januбr elsejйn have lйpett hatбlyba, but this rendelkezйst the szenбtus tцrцlte the szцvegbхl.A romбn egйszsйgьgyi hatуsбgok the oltбsmegtagadбs bьntetйsйvel akartбk elejйt taken to the kanyarуhoz hasonlуan mбs believed felszбmoltnak ragбlyos betegsйgek cause jбrvбnyt the orszбgban, but we do fierce resistance non-governmental organizations with a suspected side-effect of vaccinations, with a pharmaceutical interest campaign around the bend. The elaborate draft is completed did not impose direct punishment for denial of vaccinationon the other hand, by stamping and mooringpracticing yomba on the parents.The draft law requires that children be admitted to prison, nursery school or school, or be accompanied by a family doctor's certificate if vaccination is contraindicated. If your child did not get megfelelх kцtelezх vйdхoltбsok mindegyikйt the korбnak the oktatбsi intйzmйnynek йs the egйszsйgьgyi hatуsбgoknak should ensure a belьl йven arrуl that the child ellenбllуvб vбljon nevesнtett the oltбsprogramban ragбlyos betegsйgekkel szemben.A szьlхk (or tцrvйnyes gyбmok) hozzбjбrulбsa child beoltбsбhoz alapйrtelmezett, szьlхk those who oppose it, akadбlyozhatjбk kцtelezх to set the tцrvйnyben vakcinбk beadбsбt.Magбt the oltбsmegtagadбst not bьntetnйk but tнzezer placed kilбtбsba bнrsбgot lei (670 thousand forints) oltбsmegtagadу szьlхknek those who do not participate in organized rйszt szбmukra statement нrбsos health advice. The county oltбsьgyi bizottsбgoknak legalбbb hбromhavi rendszeressйggel be "tanбcsadбst" szervezniьk the oltбsmegtagadу szьlхk szбmбra, amнg rб хket do not take that the right to free belбtбsra biztosнtott tйrjenek.A romбn kцzegйszsйgьgyi hatуsбgok oltбsprogram the torokgyнkkal posts by these people, tetanus, szamбrkцhцgйssel, kanyarуval, rуzsahimlхvel, mumps, йs The aim is to develop immunity against the hepatitis B virus. Because of the media campaign and the obstruction of the vaccine supply, the population's vaccination rate has fallen from 95 per cent to 80 per cent of the law. Such conditions have led to a turning point in several European countries, causing almost ten thousand cases of disease and It claimed 35 fatalities.The final decision on the law is made by the House of Representatives of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce.
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