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There are people who go to Gyöngyös from quite a distance. This is not at all surprising after I finish the business.

- We recommend cesarean section in less than one third of parents. I think this is a bit high, but it is still below the national average, as is the case with premature and perinatal mortality. This indicates that we are good at work, good at pregnancy - boasts dr. Al Ghaoui Nadim is the Chief Medical Officer.

dr. Al Ghaoui Nadim
Photo: Haralambidou Anthoula

The little ones come to the hospital for care and are provided by the home guard. In addition to being trained for birth and fathering, pregnant women can also participate in pregnancy training. I would like to supplement the team of physician, nurse and physiotherapist with psychology.
Almost every parenting is done for shaving, but if you don't want it, you are not obligated. Almost all of the first births have a section.
- Encourage your mother to move around during pregnancy, letting your baby walk because it is lighter, faster to give birth, but it is also possible to give you pain relief by injection or EDA. We're not blocking a mother's use of homeopathic remedies - the chief doctor tells us.
- An outsider may be staying with a parent who is usually a father. Dъla only if the father is not present. In this hospital it is still possible to give birth to a tailed baby naturally, and it is not impossible to have a subsequent vaginal delivery after the first cervical incision.
After childbirth, the babies get stomached on their parents' stomachs, but they rest in an incubator during the stitching. This is the first time you are breast-feeding.

Prepare by cupping after preparation
and Bence Rуbert will be born
Bencéné Laki Nikoletta's little boy
Photo: Haralambidou Anthoula

Ildikó Cserta Baumgartner tells about the 24 ounces rooming-in system. - After childbirth, the baby stays with her mother and can be together day and night. The baths take place in the rooms, the baby being taught by the new mother.
The baby is given all the essentials for the newborn care. The environment is friendly: warm, warm colors prevail in the rooms, the single room is dormant, there is internet, pictures on the wall. We haven't seen a nutrition ad anywhere. They support breastfeeding on demand, and babies do not get breastfeeding. - We got the little baby with us. Nothing proves this more than the fact that one-third of old women are out of touch - says chief medical officer Nadim.Facts, figures
  • Yearly birth number: 733
  • Cesarean section: 30.4%
  • There is a three-bedroom and two single bedroom.
  • There is a three-way butter, where you can give birth in case of need.
  • Parenting is possible.
  • The father may be in the surgery, but not directly next to his mother.
  • There are three three-room ward in the maternity ward and one of the guard's rooms.
  • All gyms operate in a 24-hour room-in system.
  • There are single and double pay rooms.
  • Pregnant care takes place in the hospital.
  • You can visit the foreground of the class.
  • Pregnant Pathology, New Pathology.


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