So many square meters is enough for CSOK

So many square meters is enough for CSOK

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Where, by the time the family home allowance is available in the home?

So many square meters is enough for CSOKThe cost of a 60-70 square foot used home in county seats is $ 10-25 million, according to a real estate.com analyst. The most expensive cities are Debrecen, Gyor and Szekesfehervar, these cities cost between 20 and half to 25 million forints in 60-70 square meters, for example in Kaposvar, Salgutar.Balogh Laszlo, an expert on real estate.com told hvg.hu that it is most likely to be a step up from the homes used by the CSOK in big cities and county towns in the country, as they can spend up to a donation to 3 square meters.The $ 10 million non-refundable donation in the capital can give the biggest help: in case of new dwellings a Budapest apartment of 60-70 square meters of living space . The same mean about an extra 20-30 square meters.Erika TrencsбnIn addition to government assistance, low interest rate loans help buyers most with a $ 20 million mortgage on a mortgage (up to $ 10 million) 5.3-5.6 percent, the total amount to be repaid is 16 million HUF. With the average $ 1.5 million CSOK added to the used homes, the repayable amount will be $ 14.5 million, so the hypothetical thm will be reduced by just 4 percentage points.
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