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The bend is spreading in Ukraine

The bend is spreading in Ukraine

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More and more districts in Ukraine are reporting new bend infections, almost 500 cases have been recorded in southwestern Chernivtsi county, and only 87 have died in Kiev since the beginning of the year, and most children have died.

The bend is spreading in UkraineThe data was published on Monday, referring to data from the National Health Centers of the Ukrainian National Agency for Health. Infection mainly affects children and young adults in their 20s. In the capital, 46.5 percent of infants are between 5 and 9 years old. Of the 87 infected, 44 are in need of hospital care, with 31 children and one adult in the intensive care unit. In Kiev, only twenty children became ill during his last weekend. In the first two weeks of the year in Western Ukraine's Lviv County, as many as 75 people turned to a doctor for signs of a bend. Last year, a total of 114 bends were registered in the county, 50 of them in December. In the neighboring Ternopil county, 65 people had bends in January. tanнtбs. In the Ivano-Frankivsk city of western Ukraine, however, a quarantine order has been ordered, and schools will be closed until the end of the week. In the city, more than thirty children became ill at the start of the year, half of them in a single day on Thursdays, which is why the city leader decided to close the school. According to the latest data from the Department of Health's County Laboratory, only 196 in December suffered from bends, including 120 children. According to data recorded on the past Friday, 87 people were hospitalized that day due to bending infections, including 58 children. County leaders have reported for the past week that a total of 122 bends have been recorded throughout the county last year. However, based on data from the Central Laboratory, only 744 people in the county were exposed last year to the curvature of the curvature. The number of curvature In Ukraine, they have since been mainly in the high counties of the South. Doctors say that failure to get immunizations is the main cause of a dangerous illness that can cause high fever and severe fibrillation, which can cause fatalities. In the South-Ukrainian region, only about 90 percent of children received vaccination at the age of last year for vaccination against bends. Last year, in Odessa county, they died of the disease, including three children, so far, a five-year-old toddler has lost his life due to bending infection.Related articles in bends:
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