10 problems that you only understand when you have at least two children

10 problems that you only understand when you have at least two children

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You love the second kid just as much as the first one, but you're so tired seven times ... but there's nothing you can do about it, you can't just relax with two kids.

When the peace of the children is holy

Here are 10 problems that you will understand if you have at least two children! So anesthetize the little one by running through the big circle in the house and it's like a little hurricane. No volume control.2. Sometimes you give birth to a little by the big name. Unfortunately, neither of you will be successful.3. Make a photo of one of the children so that the other does not put his head in the picture.4. Try not to get involved in the sibling rivalry.5. To make a baby diaper as detailed and powerful as your first baby.6. Instead of going to bed at night, you just lie in your brain and have a sense of guilt. You are thinking, your first child at this age has spoken far more than the second. And that can only be because he doesn't read as much as the first one.7. Find a babysitter who wants to take care of two children. And whomever you respect.8. To argue with the little ones while you are on the big dance floor or in the pool. What are you doing? Although you tried to entertain your bored younger brother, you are sure to believe in them the best.9. You try to slow things down a bit. With two kids, everything is as fast, growing up faster than you realize.10. Sometimes it still seems incredible that you can love so much. Two times. Who would have thought there was so much love?They may also be interested in:
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