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Dangerous Games Can Cause Productivity48 Games Split in Consumer Testing

Dangerous Games Can Cause Productivity48 Games Split in Consumer Testing

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Due to the risk of drowning, injury to the eyes and the risk of prolonged health, 48 products have been denied consumer protection. A total of 81 games have been tested by the force.

Dangerous games

The most objectionable toys (29 products) are among dolls and other PVC-based toys where ftalбt its presence may present a serious risk. Although the use of some phthalates in children's toys is prohibited, the purpose of softening plastics in many cases is to prevent them from being used in toys. Which is very dangerous, because dangerous phthalates can seriously damage your health and even lead to product loss.
If you want to know exactly what games are on the NFH screen, you can check it out in this downloadable pdf.
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Game Types and Dangers

Magnetic games
Those skilled in the art will then examine whether the magnets, or pieces thereof, are easily detached, and how much magnetic force it exerts. Unfortunately, if a child swallows the magnets, two strong magnets can enter the intestines, causing the intestines to become entangled and perforate.
During the test there were 5 problems with this problem.
Baby strollers
The stroller must not collapse underneath the childrens cushion or trapped. A total of 4 security flaws were encountered, 3 were serious risks.
Sound emitting games
Excessive volume can cause hearing damage if the child holds the toy close to their ears. There were 5 products that were unacceptable for this.
Shooter games
With these, the power of the outlook has focused on the ease with which the filter can be pulled off by experts and the suction cup type. In the former case, there is a risk of injury, and later of the risk of suffocation. In this test, 6 of these types of products failed in the security test.
As the supply continually grows, newer and newer products are coming up in quick succession, with lots of dangerous games on the shelves of gaming stores. Therefore, parents also have a huge responsibility to properly consider what safety considerations are worth considering when purchasing a toy for their children.