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So far, five thousand families have applied for student loan deals

So far, five thousand families have applied for student loan deals

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More than five thousand families have applied for family loan related loans since January 1, 2018, said the Ministry of Human Resources for Family and Youth Responsibility.

Katalin Novák recalled that mother-to-child loan repayment is suspended for the third month of the first pregnancy, and for the second child is not only suspended, but also suspended. the sum could even exceed tens of millions, he said. So far, thousands of families have used family loan deals (photo: iStock) He emphasized that support aims to make it easier for young people to start family, have children and raise children.
The state also stated that the state will use one million forints after the second child arrives, one million forints after the third child, and one million forints for each additional child after 1 August. He added that the anti-fraud action plan had more than 46,000 calls for support since then.Hungarian PeterThe Diбkhitel Kцzpont vezйrigazgatуja said tбmogatбsnak kцszцnhetхen the last free felhasznбlбsъ Diбkhitel 1 in 6 szбzalйkkal, mнg the felsхoktatбsi kйpzйsi dнjak kiegyenlнtйsйre igйnybe vehetх Diбkhitel 2 хt 34 szбzalйkkal tцbb diбk took igйnybe one йvvel korбbbinбl.2001 уta tцbb 400 thousands of students took out student loans, more than most of them - according to their own admission - would not have been able to complete higher education without the credit - they said, to attend. The Chief Executive has called attention to those who apply for a student loan by September 16th, and will receive the requested amount by October 15th.
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