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Did you know that a small strong spark can cause dangerous, often fatal injuries?

The proportion of males and females among the perpetrators of "guarded infant syndrome" is the same. As males are stronger, babies will be injured with greater currency. In addition, men are more likely to admit their deeds and to accept them for their sake. An analysis of 34 childhood traumatic brain children collected over 10 years reveals that the perpetrators are significantly older than the males. Infected babies syndrome is the most common cause of death among traumatic headaches, with 1200 to 1400 children being killed or killed each year in the US, according to the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome. Lesions include cerebral haemorrhages, skull lesions, and ocular neural lesions.
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Don't do this to your child!

playback The most common offenders are the biological parents, followed by the friend of the mother. In previous studies, male perpetrators were more prevalent, but the author of the article, dr. Debra Esernio-Jenssen, according to the medical director of the University of Florida Center for Child Welfare, only half of the perpetrators are male. When they bring in a grumpy and irritable child who is still a bit sick, many pediatricians do not think about punishing them, especially if the child comes with their mother. "Society considers women to be very caring, and that is why we underestimate the proportion of women who are punished," says the researcher. The bulletin appeared online in Pediatrics. The average age of the punished children was 9.4 months, 94% of them suffered from cerebral hemorrhage, while 82% had retinal bleeding. Two thirds of the punished children were little boys, six of the 34 children died of bruises, all fatalities were related to the male punishment. The age of the churchmen was between 16 and 60 years old, and the average age of women was 34 years - which is significantly higher than the 27 year olds of men. Of the 17 men, 15 confessed to their perpetrators, compared with only 3 out of 17 men. 82 men died because of their actions.
Do you know what the behavior of the abused children is? Read it here!
Hungarian data there are also some in this topic. Dr. Katalin Asbуth, lecturer at the 2010 OGYEI Conference on Infant Banking, mainly on the borderline of empowerment. As you say, parents and the general public must be aware that infant punishment is a crime, so the punishment has serious legal consequences. Prevention should be given more prominence in the media, too, as opposed to sensitization, the scolding of those affected. It is shocking to read that many believe it is a criminal offense to punish children. Professionals should consider that three cases of child molestation remain hidden, so that altogether four children are covered.


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