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Baby diapering

Baby diapering

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Did you know that boys 'and girls' diapers can differ in a few things? But what do you need to pay attention to when baby diapers? In this guide, we have collected the most important information for you.

Baby diaperingHow do I handle it? How to breastfeed? How to bathe? And how am I going to diaper? You are familiar with these questions, which are jubilant when you return home from the hospital with your newborn, and you have to deal with a whole host of new things first. We would like to help you with this later. Looking for a little girl? Then you should definitely read our following diapering guide!

Where and what?

It is advisable to carry the diaper where everything will be in your handsand you don't have to step off your baby for a moment. Typically, a diaper table will be the venue for this operation. If you are looking for a diaper table, choose one that is about three pages from the side. tens of centimeters high rim takes your baby under safe conditions. It is also worthwhile to use a washable liner, a diaper pad, because you may also lose more or less. In such cases, it is also most practical to take control of your bathtub and start diapering with a lukewarm ink.

How do you get started?

There are countless ways to change a diaper. Some people preen a clean diaper under the baby's bottom to unfold the dirty diaper, then wrap the used wipes in a dirty diaper and throw it away at the same time. Otherwise, you first remove the dirty pelvis, and when your little butt is completely clean, it is only after this that you put the clean diaper on. However, !

Listen to this if you have a girl!

Now, let's look at a brief guide to what to look out for when baby diapering:
1. Discard the baby! All you have to do is to free only the area covered by the diaper (here can be a great help for the patented kicks and bodysuits).
2. The diaper band is secured with adhesive tape, you must open them and then fold down the front of the diaper. If the diaper is a bunch, I practically recommend that you wipe off the scraps on the baby's skin first with a clean, clean part. Be sure to always check back and forth from the front!
3. Next, lift the baby's hips (grab his feet and lift them slightly), then fold the diaper down with your other hand so that the clean, upper half is below the bottom. This way, it will not be a problem for further operations if the unused diaper becomes dirty.
4. The next thing to do is to remove the pee, dandruff and cream, which is most practical if you use a cloth specifically designed for the baby. So very careful, make sure you remove the dirt from the thighs and all the folds!
5. Block off the body and the area around it! Choose a cloth that does not contain alcohol or fragrance!
6. To lift the butt, raise the baby slightly (grab the feet).
7. If the baby's stump has not fallen, take a look at the baby diaper as well!
8. When you're done, remove the dirty diaper!
9. If you haven't finished the clean pelvis underneath the bottom of your butt, now fold it over your new diaper and slide it under your butt (a little help: you can usually find patterns on the front of the diaper)!
10. Color the intimate areas (including the big eyelids) and the butt, but be careful not to put any cream on the vagina.
11. Fold up the front of the diaper to the baby and use the adhesive tapes to fasten it to the front of the diaper. Be careful not to get too tight, but not too loose! If your fingers cover the abdomen, you are properly fastened. It is important that the diaper is straight on the baby's back and also adjust the rubber part of the thighs! If the stump has not fallen down yet, fold the diaper edge to avoid irritating the stump and allow it to ventilate well, or opt for a seed stub whose edge "skips" the stump.
12. Discard the used diaper and wash your hands. Expert: Esther Kбlmбn, Vodna, System Therapist
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