Babababuk around the worldPoint change to dare to change

Babababuk around the worldPoint change to dare to change

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Do you know how to babysit? Let's travel the world together and kill a bunch of dead people! All nipples looked like one thing: they wanted the best for the baby.

Today it is fashionable to point out the old people or the "natural nips": so, that was natural! Fortunately, the world is happier now. We do not need to include everything here, no one thinks that it should be spotted in the stump, as the bunny of Hungarian babies did, nor is it widespread in Africa. And Icelanders have found that in the Middle Ages, they have disappeared from the surface of the hair because they considered breast milk to be damaging ... But there are habits that we can rest assured that if we don't stick to our expectations, we can.

We need to sleep at night!

You can't wait to get your baby to bed, because sleeping in front of your baby is the most relaxing!
We're afraid this is just one of the cries of the tired parents. In the Mediterranean countries, due to their faith, it is a must have for an early Dutilian siesta child or adult. The cheerful evening is then filled with a busy evening. How can you get your children to bed when the air finally cools down and everyone returns, and having a good night's sleep is not an obvious requirement everywhere. Kungans living in Kalahabri, when one wakes up from a rest in a fire, he can immediately share his thoughts with others, no matter if he is small and big. And South American acrylic mothers sleep with their baby until the age of one year, with their baby ready to be available at any time, which is natural to them, and is not considered a sleep disorder if they often wake up small.

Evening the night is not an unequivocal requirement everywhere

Try to speak!

Do you think you should put a lot of emphasis on teaching the baby to speak? It is a great game to look through a book and name objects, and this little tiny little treasure really evolves. But if you are not such a "schoolboy", you will be fine! Every healthy baby learns to speak when he or she speaks, sees gestures, and senses the environment's interdependence. This is the case with the New Guinea caliph and some black communities in the United States. Until you say the first word, the baby is not considered meaningful enough to talk to, but life takes place around him.The trad we should also choose instead. Without speaking, however, there is no effective mother tongue study: exams prove that fatherhood, language teaching labels, or numerical language learning programs do not fulfill the hopes of developers in their infancy.

Breastfeed two breasts!

One of your breasts can't handle your baby? Don't worry, you can breastfeed anyway, for years! For Muslims, the Qur'an requires that they always breastfeed from their right breasts, while women in jacks in the Chinese rivers breastfeed exclusively from their left breasts so that their right hands remain free to work. Accordingly, their clothing extends only to the left.

Mom only has one!

Do you have to leave the baby behind? That's horrible, because the little one's only with his mother! Or isn't it? In some cultures, "the child is everyone" cares about care, but the children's ability to cope does not suffer. The ephe pygmies pass the baby up to six in an urn and are breastfeeded by a woman who is just in her arms when she is hungry. Similarly, the great families of India also live. In Peru, Vietnam, it is not uncommon for older children to care for the little one. Even as a baby only a couple of years older, the baby wears a sibling on the back, playing with his friends. The perfect time is the night: babies almost always sleep with their parents.

Potatoes are the first!

Okay, well, apples are inside, but you really have to take care of your first bites ...
Or else? Giving potatoes or apples to the baby first is really a local characteristic. You don't want any other food! In the United States, for example, instant corn flakes are the first, rice in China, avocados in Central America and Mexico, and corn in West Africa. I'm sure we can cook a little food with locally grown food everywhere. Feel free to get in with the cuisine, the fly, the goal!

In the nursery with her!

Are you worried that the kid should be playing in his room, sleeping? Don't your dictates dictate this? To reassure you, you don't have to look for exotic landscapes, you just have to look through a Swedish family window, where kids sleep with their parents until school, and even girls often don't the unity of the father and the mother is primary, but the mother and the children are primary. Children's rooms are only found in Western societies, and in most cultures little ones do and do where adults work.
If you are interested in this topic, read about where and how you sleep with your child!

Free movement is the key to development!

You have a lot of little things in hand, you like to carry them around, but they scream that if you don't put down enough, you won't be able to sleep, sleep, come in time?
The! Kung believe this too, so for the first few months they are dipping into the sand to learn how to stay ... They would be surprised if they knew a close-to-one-year-old they are starting to move away from their "free-range" European peers. During the hot weather and in Japan, we carry the little ones all the time, without losing movement. These forms of motion appear to be the effect of nervous system exploration rather than learning.Szakйrtхkrхl
On binding, on teaching, on carrying, dr. Judit Gervai told behavioral researcher.
Andrea Gyarmati, a sleepwalker, is a psychologist, a psychologist who listens to us. Roula a www.szirkababa.blogspot.com page to learn more.
Judit Szхdy collected information on baby nutrition, oral education, breastfeeding. THE www.szody.hu page to get to know your work.
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