An average woman changes her dress size so many times over the course of her life

An average woman changes her dress size so many times over the course of her life

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Of course, every woman fluctuates her weight over the years, but did you know that an average woman changes her dress life by 31 times?

Are we in peak shape at 28?

A survey in this regard also looked at what life events tend to make us the most profitable. The "fattest" periods of our lives having a relationship with our partner and first year of marriage and having a baby. And we do our best in the pre-wedding ceremony and after our love-sins and expertise. Of course, the transient growths that are typical of Christmas and the winter, as well as of the holidays, should not be overlooked. These stages of life are almost the same for men. Among the women asked 6 in 10 out of 10 have not sold their clothes, compared to 45% of men who reported a similar level of intolerance. Even 21% of men and 40% of women reported a loss of confidence when it comes to clothes. 3/4 of the women get dusty even in their closet old clothes, which do not already fit their shape, that is, numerically, means 16 garments in an average women's wardrobe. Interestingly, men are not too different in this way, with 61% of the respondents having clothes that are too big or too small that they have not been able to wear for years. And, justifiably, they said that we wanted to keep these clothes because we would one day want to regain the physical condition of getting into these old pieces again. The following fluctuations in weather conditions are nonetheless completely normal. "Wearing clothes here or there is the essence of having a good feeling in your skin." You may also be interested in:
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