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Shall we show or hide our love from the child?

Shall we show or hide our love from the child?

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How much do you show your affection for your couple when the children are close by? Are you holding each other's hands, or are you hunching over? You've probably wondered what's better: if the kids see it or not.

Soothe: A hug, a chunk or a caress is not only perfectly normal, but expressly can have a positive effect on the development of the little ones! According to experts, these weak movements help children learn what a healthy, supportive relationship can be, and this also has a great impact on their social and emotional abilities. And seeing that your parents love each other, stick to the other, and show that, reinforces your sense of security. You can based on relationship.Is it okay for a child to see our lover? But what can the little ones learn from how you and your partner relate to each other?
  • Touching, gracious, caressing can help calm others down and express it without words to support and understand it. In addition, there are also biological reasons for this, since the level of action is the release of oxytocin in the body and the level of stress hormones decreases.
  • Like expressing love between parents and children, and when two adults love each other. It is very important that the little ones are able to distinguish between "plump" touches and potentially sexually charged touches! When you chop, stroke, or hug your partner, you might tell your child that you are doing it because they have a love for each other, helping him learn the basics of healthy sexuality.
  • The kids might be funny or just turn their heads when you see them chewing on each other, but they are really touched by this thing and they learn a lot and the strong bond between you and them also means security. And so does their confidence.
  • Last but not least, for the little ones, the most important lesson about life is what parents see. Shorter, grown-up will start from this. For example, even when they are rebuilding their own relationship!
But pay attention to where the border is. Excessive sexuality, profanity, or even - for you, funny and playful - violence can confuse them and make them feel very uncomfortable. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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