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Inadvertently added vitamin D to the parents

Inadvertently added vitamin D to the parents

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Due to parents' neglect, they were given a dangerous dose of about 8000-16000 IU of vitamin D in the baby.

Pumping drops added Vitamin DA public call from the National Institute of Pharmacy and Food and Nutrition (OGYЙI) against the use of a pump dropper marketed as a specialty medicine Eurovit with vitamin D drops According to OGYЙI's statement, Eurovit Vitamin D Drops Due to Parental Inattention some infants received a dangerously higher dose than recommended (8,000-16,000 IU).

Instead of a drop, a pump drop

The overdose was caused by the fact that the baby should be given 1 drop every day, according to the dosing instructions, for infants up to 3 years of age, instead of 1 drop, the infants were given 1 drop daily, equivalent to 20-40 drops. pump droplets were discontinued in December 2018, and products with a dropper have been marketed, but you may still be using the formula with the previous pump dropper. Supplied with a pump dropper, it ceased trading in December 2018 The drop version (yu) currently on the market It is especially important for infants and young children to adhere to the recommended daily intake because of the increased risk of overdosing. If overdose is suspected, seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms of overdose include loss of appetite, vomiting, constipation, abdominal distension, stopping or slowing of growth. The upper limit of safe daily intake looks like this:
Infant: 1000 IU
Children 1-6 years: 2000 IU
6-18 years: 4000 NE
Adults: 4000 IU
Fetal adult: 4000 IU
Pregnant women: 4000 IU However, it should also be borne in mind that vitamin D deficiency results in osteoporosis and bone formation, which is why it is important for infants and children to take vitamin D supplements. In all cases, vitamin D supplementation should be given to infants or infants under three years of age, as directed by a pediatrician. Related articles about Vitamin D:
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