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Proceedings have begun for a picture of a child being taken to court

Proceedings have begun for a picture of a child being taken to court

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A case of negligent occupational injury led to a case in which several children were hospitalized after allegedly having a drug in Miskolc.

A procedure is initiated against the drugOn Wednesday, the National Institute of Pharmacy and Food and Nutrition (OGYattaI) informed MTI that they had turned to the police. As the investigation is ongoing, no further information has been released by the police. Until the review was completed, OGYЙI suspended the pharmacy's operating license.
The hospital was reportedly reported to have caused symptoms of an unexpected quality defect. Based on laboratory tests and data analysis, the chief medical officer of the country retrained all affected patients and the unused medicine in the pharmacy, causing symptoms of more than one child. the affected pharmacy acknowledged its responsibility. The kids could go home from the hospital for a while without suffering any permanent health damage - worth it.Related articles in Alert topic: