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Help, my hair is falling out and my feet are shaking!

Help, my hair is falling out and my feet are shaking!

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After childbirth, the rate of hair growth changes. First it accelerates and then begins to slow down gradually. We'll let you know what hair removal procedures you can use.

Of course, we love the fact that we have barely fallen hair on baby dolls and boast a beautiful, full-bodied, glossy hair crown. It's the work of pregnancy hormones! And it also depends on hormone recovery, not breastfeeding, or iron deficiency, that you experience in the months after birth, unusually strong hair loss. All we have to do is accelerate the pace that has held you so steadily during your pregnancy!

After childbirth, the rate of hair growth changes

The flip side of this is that the acceleration of hair growth, a Significantly longer hair life not just on the scalp but on the body! Hair will begin to grow faster and faster in hairless areas (shoulder blades, bikini line, armpit), and you may also find hairy and overly strong hairs that have never been present in the breast, such as the nipple.

What can you do about it?

The experts are the most usual hair removal procedures we recommend the razor and the different hot and cold resin processes as they are virtually no chemical load. All the more so, it seems like a good solution, because in the first half of the year after birth, the beauty of the old situation gradually returns, the hairs growing in strange places disappear, szхrnцvekedйs and slows down. For this reason, it is not worthwhile (though not forbidden, because they do not pose any harm to the fetus). By then, the annoying winds will disappear. If you have a year after birth, male-specific hair growth you may want to consult a specialist as this may be a symptom of PCO syndrome!


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