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Is Cat Really Dangerous for a Child's Mental Health?

Is Cat Really Dangerous for a Child's Mental Health?

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We have read many times in recent times that cat litter can sometimes be the home of a parasite that greatly increases the chance of developing schizophrenia.

Is Cat Really Dangerous for a Child's Mental Health?

Researchers at University College London were wondering if the previous belief that cat health in cat litter was a threat to our family's health was true. "The message seems to be clear to every host: there is nothing to prove itthat felines are actually leading to a morbid condition, "says research leaders. Dr. Francesca Solmi.The cat can be a carrier of a very dangerous parasite, Toxoplasma gondii. This parasite can spread to humans only through animal larvae. Experts have examined whether contact with cats in childhood has increased the risk of developing a mental illness. The important question was whether their mother had a cat during her pregnancy or whether she grew up in a household where a cat died. "It has been clearly demonstrated that no matching between childhood cathood and psychiatric and mental problems. Regardless, it is a fact that pregnant women go further cat litter, "says Solmi.
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