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If the baby does not come, you will have to pay back millions

If the baby does not come, you will have to pay back millions

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Numerous things are not entirely clear about the details of the government's 7-point fraud action plan. A request was also made for a 10 million interest-free loan.

If the baby does not come, you will have to pay back millionsThe government announced a 7-point anti-fraud action plan on Sunday, after which the state secretary, Catherine Novák, has refined and detailed several points, as a number of requests have been made. One such request was about a 10-year interest-free loan for a baby boy: it was not known what the consequences would be for someone not having a baby in time and whether the loan could be withdrawn. The child must be born within 5 years, and the loan must be repaid with interest. states the Secretary of State declares that the loan will not be subject to a right of subordination, but that a bank loan will be required - the Index will not know what the interest will be on it is revealed that the bank pays the required bank charges for borrowing. . Not only is the second child suspended for another three years after the birth of the second child, but the debt is canceled by 30 percent, and after the third child the entire debt is canceled.Related articles in family policy:
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