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Gray two-headed, smiling, lovely baby. He was born with Down syndrome. It can be any kind, beautiful and clever, and in the eyes of the world, that is what defines it. His parents keep an internet diary of life.

Andrea Gyarmati (38) is a linguist, psychologist
Voith Andrбs (35) graphs
Voith Szirka Rebeka 21 months old
The meaning of the name Gray is gray
Brothers: Sheep Brand (18) and Sheep Barbara (21)
Szirka's blog: www.szirkababa.blogspot.com
- My soul was just suspecting during my pregnancy that my baby would be Down syndrome. But we didn't know for sure - says Andrea Gyarmati, Szirka's mom. - AFP was just on the border, and in Sirma's eyes and in three-dimensional ultrasound, he covered his face. We didn't do a genetic test, though, because of my age, they were highly recommended. But I felt that I didn't have the right to decide on another person's life and death, because we loved him and talked to him, we thought he was our child. We couldn't have bought him anyway. No denying, I was very scared of Downtul because I didn't know him. Specifically, I thought I could do as much as I wanted, but I only had a lot of information.
Andrea met up with Down syndrome at a young age, in her mother's workplace. - My mom always told me not to be afraid, but it was so hard! I tried to avoid them, because they were always in love, kissing them. When it came to light that Szirka was also Down syndrome, my mom was the first to say, believe me, they are smarter than they think and can learn a lot.
After the first fall, the parents tried to think about what changed the way she was born with Sir Down. Maybe they can't go out with their souls this time? Can't play with it? Can't you curdle him? Because the answer to all the questions was positive, they decided that the rest was not important. Not yet. Suddenly there was a lot of new information and many other issues to solve. Because Down Syndrome can be caused by a number of specific abnormalities, such as a heart problem or bowel obstruction. It took time for Sirius to rule it out. For them, only hypotension, that is, looser than average muscles, was the cause of the problem, which prevented her from pushing her mouth too hard, so she was having trouble sucking.
"In the beginning, there was always a diaper in my breast when she was breastfeeding," Andrea recalls. - The hospital nurse said it was a miracle that I was able to breastfeed, but I also had to talk to other moms about it, that is just a legend. It is indeed not easy to breast-feed babies with Down syndrome, but it is not impossible or rare. She still breastfeeds on demand today.
It was a great relief for them that they were contacted by the Down Nursing Service after Sirma's birth. Parents are visited by parents of other children with Down syndrome.
- It was great to be told that Sirius seems to be good at their skills, and these kids, with the right development, can go a long way. There are also college graduates with Down dumbbells. That's why he counted a lot on how much and what we're dealing with.
They started to return to the Early Developer of the Down Foundation, where she and her parents learn fantastic things every week. In addition, they go to the therapy of the Pet to reduce the hypotenuse of Szirka.
- I have collected information on how to make sure that Szirka develops best. We ordered books and became acquainted with new methods. We also rely on the Doman method, developed in America for the development of crippled children. We also comprehend and combine it with early reading methods specifically designed for Down Syndromes.
And how does Szirka look like his contemporaries? Andrea regularly receives an English newsletter outlining what the children of her age know. Even before Szirka's birth, she signed up for it. When he got home from the hospital, he first thought it might be better to unsubscribe from the hospital, because it would be bad to constantly see how other, "normal" kids are developing. But at last he thought he didn't know how to help Sirk more. You will be able to unsubscribe if the average and the gap between your child and your child is too big and too painful.
- I'll be back for a while! he smiles. - Sirius is barely behind. Because of his hypotension, his movement may be slightly weaker than that of his age, but he is not disturbed. I often say that we do not know what life with a disabled child is like. After all, nothing is missing from Sirkbou!
The diaper does not
There are also areas where they live much better than the average two-star. Szirka is almost completely clean, since her parents are not diapered at the age of two.
- Even during my pregnancy, I wanted to see what was the most environmentally friendly solution: a textile diaper or a disposable one. I found the diaper method on the internet. It seemed so impossible that I knew right away that I had to try it.
The basic principle is simple - the baby indicates every need, whether it is hunger, sanity, or even comfort. So it is not the child who learns when and how to do things, but the parent tunes in on the child's signs. You get used to not having a kitty-pee in a diaper, and being watched over to satisfy your needs.
- In the first few months, we put on a disposable diaper for sleeping or traveling to Sirkra. But we thought it would rather confuse him. I'm not saying it's always simple. If something makes the family more stressful, we can pay less attention to Sirkra and more to the accident. But from the beginning, I think it's good and comforting for him. And I also felt that this way of doing this is so natural. The goal is not to have room cleanliness, but for the parent and the child to work together, just like life in every other area. This is nothing new, but rather a return to a well-known and used method that has been around for centuries.
In the world
It is easy to keep track of Szirka's everyday life, as her parents put every little photo, movie and at least a few words on the internet every blessed day. Afféle's blog, a blog that now has more than 100 visitors a day, has become a part of it. Originally a far-flung family, served as a daily briefing for friends, it later grew into a mission.
- I confess that we were most surprised when we saw that the blog had suddenly disappeared into the celebrity circle. Anyway, this is a great responsibility. It is also up to us to reduce our ideas. But we try not to forget the original purpose - that once Szirka grows up, she will see what kind of child she was, what happened to her. I hope we can give him the baton and he'll continue. And, of course, this is a daily warning for us, your parents too. After all, in a daily routine, you often forget how much exercise a child can gain each day. Keeping this alive every day is what we think.