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The flu flu is coming to an end

The flu flu is coming to an end

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Almost everywhere in the country, the number of people with flu has declined. Most health facilities also have a ban on visiting.

The number of influenza illnesses is decreasingAccording to a report by the National Center for Neapolitan Medicine (NNK), 23 percent fewer patients referred to a physician for flu-like symptoms in the previous week. Two of the Veszprém counties and one from Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg counties have been reported in the 7th week due to the accumulation of influenza-like illnesses. In all cases, the laws concerned the commonwealth.
The highest proportion of patients (34.1 percent) was among young adults aged 15-34, the proportion of children is 31.6 percent volt. 25.8% of patients were in the age group of 35-59 years, while 8.5% were over 60 years old.
Influenza A virus was detected in 82 cases and viral lymphocyte viruses (RSV) were detected in 82 cases in the virological laboratory of NNK.
Due to this law, visiting bans are still maintained in most hospitals and nursing homes.Related articles in influenza law:
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