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Vaccination against varicella will be mandatory from September

Vaccination against varicella will be mandatory from September

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Vaccination against varicella has been obliterated among compulsory vaccines since September, said Ildikou Secretary of State for Health.

Vaccination against varicella will be mandatory from SeptemberMüller Cecнlia Between the ages of 13 and 16 months, the children will receive emergency vaccination, which will receive a budget of HUF 1.3 billion. The total is kйt oltбsra vйdettsйghez szьksйg.Az egйszsйgьgyйrt put felelхs бllamtitkбr ъgy that started in the 20th szбzadban domestic immunizбciуs program kцszцnhetхen Magyarorszбg "biztonsбgos szigettй" vбlt Eurуpбban, the Hungarian law vйdхoltбsi pйldaйrtйkы what the бllam йvente kцlt HUF 10 milliбrd.
Ildikó Horváth he pointed out that 82 percent of the girls eligible for the 7th grade applied for protection against the optional but free human papilloma virus (HPV) last year. They are working on extending this vaccine to boys.Providing for protection against chickenpox, she said that chickenpox is more than the reported infectious disease; in some cases, it may cause residual symptoms the Secretary of State pointed out. Cecilia Müller added that infectious diseases that can be prevented by vaccination have almost disappeared, only a few cases are reported every year. He has come to power, ”he said. Magyarorszбgon recognize vйdхoltбsok jelentхsйgйt, нgy not jellemzх that szьlхk elutasнtjбk azokat.Ledia Lazer, the Egйszsйgьgyi Vilбgszervezet (WHO) Hungarian irodбjбnak vezetхje it hangsъlyozta to Magyarorszбgon very jу, 98 szбzalйkos against the kьlцnbцzх fertхzх betegsйgek ъgynevezett бtoltottsбg.Az eurуpai immunizбciуs hйt (April 23-30) Ledia Lazeri said that due to the different vaccines in Europe, most children and adults are protected against bends, corneas, rubella, However, he called attention to the fact that last year, 82,000 people in Europe were killed and 72 died in bends, a disease against which vaccines are protected. such as cervical cancer caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) or liver cancer caused by hepatitis B.Ledia Lazeri has stated that WHO decision-makers, health workers, media representatives - who contribute to the dissemination of immunity in their own area. These include: gummy-bump (tbc), throat, tetanus, tetanus, mumps, curvature, pneumonia, hepatitis B, hepatitis B, hepatitis B and vaccination against varicella, to be introduced from September.Related articles in Bovine Pancreas:
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