What if she's pregnant?

What if she's pregnant?

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Our specialist will explain how to recover from and how to treat extra-uterine pregnancy.

I am breastfeeding my two-year-old baby. I didn't get my period when I should have, so I took a test a couple of days later, which turned positive. But my doctor was just about to leave and I had a panic. Because last summer my aunt was put in a life-threatening condition because of her extra pregnancy. Now, the fear of what would happen if it happened to me was profitable to me. I went in for an ultrasound myself, at the beginning of the last week of my last menstrual period, but I couldn't see anything in my womb. A few days later on another ultrasound, I still didn't see anything, but there was a dark spot on my left ovary, the doctor said, a cyst or even an embryo. How next? What can I expect if this is an extra pregnancy?
L. Judit, ЙrdDr. Boros Judit Answer:Even in such a young pregnancy no reason to panic! Even if we are "peeing", despite the unfortunate case of family, there is no need to think about getting pregnant anymore because very rarely! Rather, prior to the spread of early ultrasound screening, it was only after and during pregnancy that a woman fell on the street because of the severe internal most of them go to the doctor for a positive test, and then, as they do, ultrasound is performed. After the last week of your last menstrual period, you can see the ovaries (your life may be three weeks old) and you can have your heartburn every week or so. If the test is positive and we have not seen anything in the womb, although due to the estimated age of the pregnancy, further examinations are needed. A patient's previous history of tubal inflammation or endometriosis increases the risk of extra-uterine pregnancy, but if he or she has specific complaints (pain in the lower left or right side), then the patient is worthy of attention. A few daily blood tests can help monitor the level of pregnancy hormone,? -CGG. These data indicate that it is normally developing, dying or not developing well. An embryo that is prone to develop in the wrong place can die without any problems, but in the event of a well-founded suspicion, the doctor's instructions must be followed very carefully. On average, for example, if you are away from the hospital, you should not risk traveling home. Today, laparoscopy is an important diagnostic tool that can be used to visualize critical areas from a small abdominal cavity and, if confirmed, to intervene completely. very tiny, only 5-6 weeks from the time of bleeding, treatment with medication instead of surgery: this cell division is performed by a blocking agent, the cytostatics. As a result, the embryo dies and is absorbed. The advantage of the method is that there is no need for surgery, the affected organs are not damaged, but the disadvantage in this case is that breastfeeding should be temporarily discontinued. after a week, the process is so dangerous that blood vessels are already injured that cause unstoppable bleeding in the patient. I was only curious to note that a few years ago, in a clinic in Budapest, there was an extra-uterine pregnancy in the womb that helped deliver a fetus to the womb.
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